Robert Spooner: Edge of Expansion

Evergreen Fine Art

August 1 - 29, 2015

  • Opening Reception and Gallery Talk: Saturday, August 1, from 2-5pm
Robert Spooner at Evergreen Fine Art

If there’s a constant in Robert Spooner’s artistry, it’s his steadfast refusal to be tethered by constancy.

“Originally I was known as a figurative artist,” says Spooner, whose ongoing voyage beyond the frontiers of convention will find harbor this August at Evergreen Fine Art Gallery. “But I began to see things differently, to see my work differently. I began expanding into other visual realms.”

Beginning with an Artist Reception at 2 p.m. on Aug. 1, “Edge of Expansion” will run through Aug. 29 and feature more than two dozen paintings that recount Spooner’s remarkable journey into new spheres of expression, and reveal the unexpected worlds that lie beneath the familiar.

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“I’m moving from a contemporary role to a more abstract one,” explains Spooner, a Littleton resident whose subtle and sublime oils are eagerly sought by collectors nationwide. “I start with large shapes, breaking an image down to its basic values. The visual information I have to go on helps me decide which direction I’ll take it. I try to find what I think of as ‘atmospheric landscape’, and that’s something I let the subject dictate to me.”

If Spooner’s steps are guided by intellectual curiosity and artistic fearlessness, his works are executed with technical precision. Born and raised in Roswell, New Mexico, he parlayed a fine arts degree from Louisiana Tech University into a long and successful career as a graphic designer and illustrator. When the restraints of commercial art began to chafe his adventurous spirit, Spooner traded his drafting table for a palette and easel, enrolling in classes at the Denver Art Students league and studying under Colorado masters such as Kim English and Quang Ho. Visitors to “Edge of Expansion” will be pleased to follow Spooner’s progress from an exceptionally apt pupil to a nationally recognized master in his own right.

“There’ll be still-lifes, florals, cityscapes, seascapes, and a few figurative pieces. I’ll tap into all the different themes that I paint. The title ‘Edge of Expansion’ truly captures the transition I’m looking for.”

Be it graceful dancer, crashing surf, or rising tower of steel and concrete, unremarkable subjects are transformed under Spooner’s meditative brush. Evoking his groundbreaking “ethereal series”, the exhibit will also reflect Spooner’s recent tour of the Continent with paintings that see the Old World with new eyes.

“Many European subjects have been painted for centuries by some of the best artists in history,” Spooner says. “I wanted to find an ethereal approach to some of those traditional subjects.” Like every worthwhile journey, Spooner’s search for fresh realms of perception will never be completed. With “Edge of Expansion” he offers guests a visual record of his artistic travels and invites them to contemplate what visual wonders still await discovery.

“My work is not about any one approach, but more about pushing and experimenting with various elements and techniques”, says Spooner. “I want to expand on themes, expand on concepts. I want to give collectors – not just my collectors, but all collectors – something new.” Robert is featured on the cover of the August 2015 issue of Southwest Art Magazine, Special Issue: The New West.

Evergreen Fine Art Gallery & Sculpture Garden is located at 3042 Evergreen Parkway in Evergreen. To learn more about “Edge of Expansion”, call 303-679-3610, or visit