Karen Roehl: Horse with Beach Ball and other Western Amalgamations

Evergreen Fine Art Gallery

September 24 - October 24, 2016

  • Opening Reception and Gallery Talk: Saturday, September 10, 2-5pm
Roehl ThinkinOnIt
Karen Roehl, "Thinkin' On It", mixed media, 36x28

Imagine what would happen if one of Colorado’s most admired abstract painters shared a canvas with one of Denver’s most gifted realists.

That intriguing fantasy will be captivating reality on Sep. 10 as Evergreen Fine Art Gallery unveils “Horse with Beach Ball, and other Western Amalgamations,” an extraordinary exhibit that will bridge one of the art world’s most persistent divides by way of the opposing passions and complementary talents of celebrated abstract impressionist and brilliant realist Karen Roehl.

“Horse with Beach Ball” will feature more than a dozen of Roehl’s distinctive works, horses rendered in animate perfection upon powerful fields of abstraction. Whether multi-hued or monochromatic, high-contrast or hushed, her artful blending of discrete form and pure emotion fills the eye with harmony and leaves the viewer agreeably indifferent to competing artistic labels. For what it’s worth, Roehl will be the first to admit that her singular style has virtually nothing to do with fostering artistic accord, and everything to do with reconciling the two halves of her own creative heart.

Evergreen Fine Art Gallery
3042 Evergreen Parkway
Evergreen, CO 80439


“I’m really more inspired by the abstract expressionist aim to reach and express something authentic from within than I am by the actual outcome,” says Roehl, who teaches basic and abstract painting at the Art Student’s League of Denver and whose paintings enjoy places of honor in galleries and collections across the West. “While abstract expressionism allows for a very satisfying experience of my emotional/intuitive self, the process of representational art allows for an experience of ‘deep seeing,’ which is more intellectual and equally rewarding.”

“Realism painted over pure abstraction,” Roehl explains. “I discovered that I could leave portions of my horses ‘undone’ so that the background abstract mark-making shows through. I was surprised and delighted to see how these random abstract marks were often beautifully matched to the organic infrastructure of the horse’s body. I keep painting until the abstract works with the representational, hoping to preserve as much of the abstract under-painting as possible.”

Profoundly personal, never timid and always evolving, Roehl’s art is an open invitation to anyone seeking to better understand art’s common tongue.

“When someone shares with me that my work has touched them somehow, I’m always interested to see if that person and I can figure out what common language we’re secretly exchanging with one another,” Roehl smiles. “I hope to wiggle some little thing on a deeply intuitive level in viewers that may spark and interesting thought or conversation that could, in turn, reveal something insightful.”

“Horse with Beach Ball, and other Western Amalgamations” will begin with an Artist Reception and Gallery Talk from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 10, and will run through Sep. 24. Evergreen Fine Art Gallery is located at 3042 Evergreen Parkway in Evergreen. To learn more, call 303-679-3610, or visit www.evergreenfineart.com.


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