Edward Aldrich: A Walk in the Wild

Evergreen Fine Art Gallery

October 1 - November 5, 2016

  • Opening Reception and Gallery Talk: Saturday, October 1, 2-5pm
Aldrich touching-the-sky
Edward Aldrich, "Touching the Sky", 20x24, oil

There’s nothing quite so thrilling as a candid encounter with Nature on its own terms. Celebrated wildlife artist Edward ‘Ned’ Aldrich is an unsurpassed master at capturing those moving, mysterious, magical moments on canvas, and this October guests to “A Walk in the Wild” at Evergreen Fine Art Gallery will enjoy intimate glimpses of many of the West’s most secretive subjects in all of their unguarded glory.

“A Walk in the Wild”  features nearly 20 new works by the award-winning Golden oil painter, each one showcasing the stunning realism and dramatic force that’s made Aldrich a favorite of collectors from coast to coast and beyond the seas. If his subtle brush conveys the coarseness of the wolf’s winter coat and the wild aggression of the bull-elk’s challenge, his unsurpassed awareness of nature’s infinite unaffected attitudes gives them presence and place.

“Each painting expresses a different concept or feel,” explains Aldrich, a 1987 Rhode Island School of Design graduate who was juried into the Society of Animal Artists just four years later at the age of 26. “One might be based on color, one of echoing shapes, one on interesting lighting, or one eliciting the feeling of power or mystery. My hope is that the viewers get a small amount of the feeling I intended from the differing pieces.” Those fortunate viewers taking “A Walk in the Wild” can rest assured they’ll get a lot more than a little of nature’s instinctual intensity and quiet spectacle. Aldrich’s potent realism and almost empathic connection with his subjects have earned him the respect and admiration of artists and art lovers across the West, and this year he’s been named as the featured artist of Jackson Hole’s prestigious Fall Arts Festival. What’s more, one of Aldrich’s images was chosen to be the public face of “Western Visions,” an important festival fundraiser benefitting the National Museum of Wildlife Art.

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