The Smithsonian Museum of American Art in DC is planning an interesting exhibit "The Art of Video Games" which will highlight the work of the behind the scenes creatives responsible for the last 40 years of gaming graphics and effects. While the exhibit is still over a year away (spring 2012), the museum is currently taking votes for the top game graphics via the exhibition's website at The graphics are divided into 5 eras, from the 70s to now, and I found myself growing sentimental while perusing some of the classics, not to mention quite amazed at how exciting and fresh some of the images are from a purely aesthetic standpoint.

And my votes for Denver's best take on video games through art go to: 1) Kym Bloom's Pac-Man riff "Fruits of the Chase" from her 2010 exhibit at Kanon; and 2) Lee Wiesenfeld's twisted take on
Pac-Man "The Gobbler" -KLH

Still from Microsurgeon, 1982 by Rick Levine
Kym Bloom - "Fruits of the Chase"

Still from Lee Wiesenfeld's 2008 video "The Gobbler"


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