Dylan Gebbia-Richards: Viridescent

GR Gallery (NYC)

March 18 - April 19, 2020

  • Opening reception: Wednesday March 18th, 6:00pm - 9:00pm
GR gallery is pleased to welcome back Colorado-based artist Dylan Gebbia-Richards for his solo exhibition titled, “Viridescent”. The show will explore nature like surfaces that push the viewer to get lost in the artistic space and question about the essence of these compositions that evoke a mix of mountain ranges, molten rock from an erupted volcano, vibrant coral reefs, or even cavernous mineral formations.

“Viridescent” will showcase 16 new artworks. There will be a vast selection of Dylan’s signature wax pieces in various sizes and he will present for the first time his experimental glass works, developed last year during his residency at Bullseye Glass project in Portland. Together with these artworks Dylan will also launch his “Gems”, an edition-like body of small 3-D wax pieces.

Dylan Gebbia-Richards creates three-dimensional, multicolored paintings that look like the result of an otherworldly volcanic eruption. Each rugged work is created using colored pigment and droplets of melted wax that, when applied, gives birth to unruly patterns and textures that jut out from the surface. “I am inspired by moments of luminescence I perceive in my environment,” Richards explains. “Through illusion I attempt to capture lights ephemeral qualities in the landscape of my paintings.” By constantly experimenting with his chosen medium, the talented artist spontaneously mixes colors and shapes on canvas to create 3D paintings that have a unique, alluring quality. Richards explains, “My painting process is evolutionary. Each new step is informed by the net result of all the previous ones.”

“Viridescent” will attempt to change the utter definition of the word itself. The true meaning behind the word is to turn greenish or becoming green; but Dylan will aim to validate a pure change of color with multiple tones on each piece he brings to life. One of the core objectives is to throw the viewer into a different dimension full of rich and vibrant color while embracing the canvas that seems to jump out and stagger the viewer in awe.

Gebbia-Richards paintings are a symphony of rich color and densely constructed texture. Through his innovative process using wax, pigment, and resin, Gebbia-Richards aims to reinvent how we perceive nature. Whether its mountain ranges, molten rock from an erupted volcano, vibrant coral reefs, or even cavernous rock formations, the viewer can’t help but recognize his sources of inspiration. Gebbia-Richards’ paintings quite literally jump off the canvas, transporting the viewer into another dimension that deems both familiar and otherworldly. Although his paintings vary in size, they each spark an experience of unparalleled proportion. Their undulating forms, prismatic pigments, and protruding texture captivate the senses and send them on a memorable adventure.

GR gallery
255 Bowery (between Houston & Stanton)
New York, NY, 10002