Newsletter Will Be Monthly Starting in 2018

Beginning with the January 2018 newsletter, the Email Newsletter will be sent out monthly on the Thursday Morning prior to the First Friday of the month. The newsletter will still be focused on Denver's vibrant gallery scene featuring a curated listing of upcoming gallery exhibits in the metro Denver area, however there will be less emphasis on non-gallery events in order to better focus on art exhibitions and related artist talks. As always, there will be a variety of local Call for Entry listings and information on local and regional Art Festivals.

Given the rise of Facebook as a means to publicize events, there's less need for a stand-alone arts calendar than there was 11 years ago at the dawn of the website, thus the Calendar of Events module is being retired effective immediately. Gallery exhibits will be featured on the website under "Local Exhibits", but specific events related to an exhibit such as lectures or workshops will be featured under "Event Announcements" as time allows.

If you would like your gallery exhibit listed on the website and newsletter, information can be found at Note that exhibits for consideration in the newsletter should be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the First Friday of the month the exhibit will be opening, regardless of whether or not the exhibit is actually opening on the First Friday.