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January 2019 marks the end of 11 years of weekly (2007 - 2017) and then monthly (2018) newsletters published by It's been a great run, I spent many years promoting the arts in Denver and making sure Denverites knew how much excellent art was being showcased via art institutions, artist co-ops and commercial galleries, but the time has come to move on to other endeavors. I cherish the many hours I put into nurturing the site and getting out and about to highlight the Denver art scene over the years, and wish the best of success to all of Denver's artistic ventures.
The website will continue to operate, including the posting of Calls for Entries, the Gallery Maps feature, the occasional Event Announcement and Local Gallery listing, as well as access to over 11 years of event listings and articles. I will continue to venture out to gallery events and take the occasional snapshot as well!

Best regards and happy new year!    -Ken-


KenHamel.decade Ken Hamel - Director of - Photo by Anthony Camera