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Liz Hickok RiNo Mural

Large-scale Liz Hickok mural brings new life to vacant RiNo building

  • On view at 3357 Downing Street in Denver
  • Liz Hickok’s photographs and time-lapse videos are on view through April 4th 2015 at Michael Warren Contemporary (MWC)
photo courtesy of Michael Warren Contemporary

(from the press release)

A large, captivating photomural by artist Liz Hickok has been installed on the windows of a vacant RiNo building at Downing and 34th streets. The image, entitled Preternatural, is part of a new body of work from the San Francisco artist, who used a liquid crystal solution to create miniature worlds where both natural and urban environments were overgrown by strange formations. She then photographed these formations, magnifying them to accentuate their crystal structure and vibrant detail.

While Hickok was preparing for an exhibition at Michael Warren Contemporary (MWC), in Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe, she began planning how she might execute a long-standing goal: to insert her otherworldly imagery into large-scale public settings. The fact that her show was to coincide with Month of Photography Denver provided the ideal setting. “With this piece, I hope people imagine something magical and surreal is going on inside the building – that my imagery enhances the cityscape and becomes a part of the neighborhood,” says Hickok.

Working with Mark Sink, founder of Month of Photography Denver and The Big Picture program, Hickok mocked-up examples of how her work might look on large exterior building walls. This innovation appealed to Jorgen Jensen and Amy Harmon of Urban Market Partners (UMP), who jumped at the opportunity to let Hickok use one of UMP’s properties for her newest creation. The collaboration, which also included Gary Reed, of Reed Art and Imaging, realizes a hope that art can reach neighborhoods and populations that might otherwise be overlooked.

Liz Hickok’s mural will be on view for an extended period of time at 3357 Downing Street in Denver. Liz Hickok’s photographs and time-lapse videos of her crystal formations are on view through April 4th at MWC.

Michael Warren Contemporary is located in the heart of the Art District at 760 Santa Fe Drive. The gallery presents contemporary artwork with emphasis on materials and process. Additionally, MWC showcases artwork from the van Straaten Gallery and Riverhouse Editions, consigned collections of fine art prints.

Reed Art & Imaging provides photography and digital art printing services. Established in 1976, Reed Art & Imaging is committed to the highest standards of professional quality and service in conventional photo film processing / film developing and photography, as well as, state-of-the-art digital imaging, giclée printing and photo printing technologies.

Urban Market Partners is a full service real estate group building partnerships to implement progressive development projects. UMP’s portfolio is specific to the Urban Planning, cultural and market development initiatives in Denver's Urban Core.


Denver's Month of Photography 2015

Month of Photography: March 2015

A Month Long Celebration of Photography

Various Locations Throughout the Metro Denver Area


Month of Photography Denver Curator Mark Sink - photo by Ken Hamel/


Jacquelyn Connolly Selected as New Director and Curator for Emmanuel Gallery

Jacquelyn Connolly Selected as New Director and Curator for Emmanuel Gallery

photo credit: Andrea Moore

DENVER – The College of Arts and Media, University of Colorado Denver along with Metropolitan State University of Denver and the Community College of Denver are pleased to announce that Jacquelyn Connolly has been selected as the new Director and Curator for the Emmanuel Gallery. An alumnus of CU Denver, Connolly returned to the Auraria Campus in February to serve as Interim Director after the position was vacated by director Shannon Corrigan. After a national search was conducted she was selected as the finalist and began her new role on November 17th. She brings with her a strong skill set of exhibition making, community engagement and a passion for the education of future arts professionals. Her community ties and collaborative mindset make her an asset to this long beloved Denver institution.

Associate Professor and Chair of the CU Denver Visual Arts Department, Lanny DeVuono, said, “We had a committee representing all three schools that support the Emmanuel and its programming, and an overwhelmingly high number of capable and talented applicants. We are delighted to welcome Jacquelyn Connolly and look forward to what she will bring to this important Auraria Campus institution”

Connolly has spent eight years curating exhibitions and managing public art projects in the Denver community. Through her art consulting business she spent three years with Denver International Airport’s Art and Culture Program as their Curator producing exhibitions and managing large scale public art projects. She also contracted with American Airlines, the City of Denver, Art Planning and Associates and Western States Arts Federation. Prior to starting her consulting business, she worked for the state arts agency, Colorado Creative Industries- Art in Public Places Program, Arts and Venues Denver and the Denver Art Museum.

She says, “Emmanuel Gallery has long been esteemed by the Denver arts community and it is an honor to be a part of its tradition. I will continue my predecessor’s tradition of high quality exhibitions and grow the collaborative opportunities and funding sources for this unique space.”

Begun in 1973, Emmanuel Gallery is a tri-institutional non-profit art space supported by the Community College of Denver, The Metropolitan State University of Denver and the University of Colorado Denver. Emmanuel Gallery exhibits work of exceptional visual artists as well as faulty and students from Auraria Campus. It is free and open to the public, located in the heart of Auraria Campus in Downtown Denver.


‘Cloudscape’ Floats Home

‘Cloudscape’ Sculpture Floats Home from Denver International Airport to the Children’s Museum of Denver

Christopher Lavery’s Cloudscape

Denver International Airport (DIA) and the Children’s Museum of Denver are pleased to announce Christopher Lavery’s sculpture, “Cloudscape,” which has been on temporary display at the airport since 2010, will be on permanent display at the Children’s Museum of Denver. In addition to museum visitors, travelers along I-25 will be able to enjoy their beauty.

“Cloudscape” is a series of three large-scale sculptural objects comprised of clouds perched atop steel towers reminiscent of the oil well towers, water pump, and utility towers scattered across Colorado. These playful clouds, ranging in size from 15 feet to 40 feet, were installed in 2010 through the City and County of Denver’s Public Art Program and greeted travelers for the last four years. However, the project was always meant to be temporary to encourage a unique experience for travelers along Peña Boulevard.

“The temporality of this project provided a unique partnership opportunity with the City and County of Denver and the Children’s Museum of Denver,” said DIA Art and Culture Program Manager, Chris Stevens. “The artist, Christopher Lavery, first generously donated the sculpture to the City, and now the Children’s Museum is providing a long-term home for the work. I am so pleased the community will continue to be able to view this whimsical piece of artwork nearby.”

“Cloudscape” has “floated” away from Denver International Airport and will be installed at the Children’s Museum of Denver early 2015. The works have been disassembled and transported from the airport to local fabrication studio JunoWorks. While at JunoWorks, the sculptures will be slightly refurbished to address the specifics of the work’s new site.

“We are thrilled to partner with DIA and Arts & Venues to move this beloved sculpture to the Children’s Museum,” said Mike Yankovich, president and CEO of the Children’s Museum of Denver. “Cloudscape will be the perfect addition to our soon to be 9-acre campus and expanded Museum, opening late 2015. It will be a public art piece that the children of Colorado can call their own.”

About DIA’s Art and Culture Program: DIA’s Art and Culture Program administers the City and County of Denver’s “one percent for art” ordinance which enhances public places and features nearly 30 site-specific works including sculptures, murals and other installations. The pieces are displayed in outdoor landscapes, inside Jeppesen Terminal and on airport concourses, as well as in the train tunnels and on the train itself. In addition to its permanent art collection, DIA curates temporary exhibitions, collaborating with museums, cultural institutions and arts organizations to present the highest quality two- and three-dimensional work. For more information, visit

DIA was named “Best U.S. Airport for Art” in USA Today’s “10Best Reader’s Choice” travel contest in 2013. The category focuses on how airports have been transforming from utilitarian hubs of transport to spaces with beautiful works of art, great restaurants, comfy lounges and terrific shopping. DIA was selected by readers as the favorite among 20 airports nominated by the publication.

About Children’s Museum of Denver: At the Children's Museum of Denver we believe in kid-powered learning. Every day, our expertly designed exhibits and programs open doors for Colorado's curious young minds to express what they know and to discover, create and explore more - on their own terms. Since 1973, the Children’s Museum of Denver has served the metro-Denver community as a learning institute dedicated to the education and growth of young children, newborn through age 8, and their caregivers.

Last year, we served more than 348,000 children and their grown-ups. The Museum provides rich play experiences and a dynamic learning environment for children to joyously learn through play. We offer innovative and interactive Playscapes (hands-on exhibits), engaging daily programming and exciting year-round special events.


Processus On Indiegogo

Processus: The Institute of Art and Life, fundraising campaign on Indiegogo 

Brought to you by co-founders Viviane Le Courtois and Christopher R. Perez

  • Make your contribution before November 1, 2014

Processus co-founders Viviane Le Courtois and Christopher R. Perez

(from Chris and Vivian)

Dear friends and supporters,

We are writing to let you know about 'Processus - the institute for art and life'. Some of you have followed our works for years but may not be aware of our new venture. Processus will be a place to think and make. A shared creative space where interactions bring ideas to next level. We have been working on this project since January, and are getting closer to our opening, but we need your contributions to get the space ready, and get all the equipment we need to open.

To support our efforts and the works of our current and future members, please take a moment to check it out on Indiegogo and also share it with your friends.

Get perks, make a contribution, or simply follow updates. If enough of you get behind it, we can make 'Processus - the institute for art and life' happen very soon!

Click here to learn more and contribute!


Watch Carlos Fresquez Mural Painting in Globeville

Public Art Mural with Carlos Fresquez + PlatteForum ArtLab Interns


Despite torrential rain, sloping sites with speeding cars and jammed scissor lifts, the painting goes on! PlatteForum’s ArtLab has been painting their second mural at Globeville, undaunted by challenges from mother nature! Stop by all day Monday and Tuesday, August 4 & 5, to watch ArtLab teens and master artist Carlo Fresquez complete their work.

Lead Artist Carlos Fresquez from Metropolitan State University of Denver (with Metro students John Plehinger and Michael Diaz-Rivera) have guided ArtLab through the creative process in order to contribute to the growing body of public art in the Globeville neighborhood. The planning process included visiting both recently installed and historical public art sites in downtown Denver and reflecting on the interviews and community meetings with Globeville residents last year. In July ArtLab completed a number of brainstorming, drawing and design sessions to create a collective piece that includes ideas from ArtLab interns and the voices of the community members that ArtLab interviewed. During this process, ArtLab developed their knowledge of techniques used to create murals, including how to create representations to scale and use a grid system to expand a drawing, and how to discuss their work using an artist's technical vocabulary.

Painting started Monday July 28th and culminates Tuesday evening August 5 at 46th and Lincoln in Globeville. We expect another exciting mural and great community interaction and will hold a public mural ribbon cutting celebration to celebrate the new public art piece at the end of the summer. Stay tuned for details on the ribbon cutting ceremony.

The mural project is supported by Denver’s Urban Arts Fund, and City Councilwoman Judy Montero’s office, ProForm brushes, Swinerton Builders, Sherwin-Williams and a crew of volunteers!

About the mural:At the heart of the mural is a treasure chest that can be viewed as a metaphor for the Globeville neighborhood. Out of the chest emerges a hand holding a key, the chest has unlocked itself from within and many things have emerged. The bright light and variety of objects that emerge from the chest are intended to capture the vibrant and diverse group of people and interests that can be found in the neighborhood. ArtLab chose to use this abstract means of representing the strength of the people in this community after reviewing the interviews and meetings they recorded last year. The chest rests on a bed of flowers with the word "Globeville" included as a transparent script, enveloped by the natural elements, which reflects current efforts to return Globeville to a healthy natural ecology.


Hard Hat Tours at Processus, Institute for Art and Life

Hard Hat Tours at Processus, Institute for Art and Life

Thursday July 17th, at 7 pm and 8 pm at The Temple, 2400 Curtis St., Denver

Viviane Le Courtois making paper bricks from Junk Mail

Created by artists Viviane Le Courtois and Christopher R. Perez, Processus is a shared place for artists to think and make. It will include a multi-use shop, a darkroom, a clean space and a coffee shop/pop up space. Please join us for a Hard Hat Tour and information on Thursday July 17th, at 7 pm and 8 pm at The Temple, 2400 Curtis St., Denver CO 80205 (entrance on 24th St.). The expected opening date is September 1st, 2014. Memberships to use the space start at $100/ month. Reserve your spot now!

“ Processus [prɔsesys] is the French word for process, evolution; a group of actions with a common goal; a series of events or a succession of methods. This multi-use space is inspired by our art philosophies and way of life. Driven by process and ideas, our works reflect timeless actions and methods as we often go back to the basics. For years, we have dreamed about a place to work, a place to meet new people and share important ideas. We envision a place where the artist community will share processes and ideas, a place to experiment and discover new things, a place that focuses on experience and chance encounters.”

The focus of the workspace will be on handmade objects, sculpture, wood fabrication, photography and works on paper. It will provide tools, assistance and advice for artists to make what they need to professionally display their works. We want to bring people together around ideas that are worth making to contribute to the evolution of art and life and make a difference. As part of the project, a coffee shop will offer a space for people to think and share ideas. The café will be open to the public while the workspaces will be open to members only. Regular workshops, lectures and events will start this fall.

Viviane Le Courtois and Christopher R. Perez, have lived and worked together for over 12 years. They are both respected artists and art professionals in Colorado and beyond. They bring the expertise of all aspects of art, community and life together. They love making objects, growing or transforming things, cooking, walking, traveling, bringing people together and making them think. Christopher R. Perez is a photographer with outstanding experience in both contemporary and alternative photographic processes. He also has over 20 years of experience in art handling, framing, crate building, and wood fabrication. Viviane Le Courtois is a conceptual and process based artist working primarily with installation, performance, sculpture, fiber arts, ceramic and printmaking. Most of her work over the last 25 years has linked art, life and people. As an educator, curator and organizer of participatory projects, she will give and artistic direction to the space.

For questions or to sign up for membership, please contact Viviane Le Courtois at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 303 526 8064 or Christopher R. Perez at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 303 653 4091.

The Temple
2400 Curtis St.
Denver, CO 80205


1929 Mural Restored at DU’s Reiman Theater

A legendary Colorado artist, heated public clash and exquisite mural returned to glory

  • Article by Scott Reiman and Dan Jacobs
After years of restoration, Thompson’s mural in the Reiman Theater has been restored to near original condition
Photo: University of Denver

Lost for nearly a century, we are pleased to announce that an incredible work of art was recently restored with the re-opening of the Reiman Theater in historic Margery Reed Hall at the University of Denver (DU). Formerly known as the Little Theatre, the venue was renamed in honor of DU trustee and arts patron Scott Reiman.

Painted by leading Colorado artist John Edward Thompson in 1929, the large proscenium arch framing the theater stage features a vibrant mural highlighting characters from Shakespeare plays. Thompson, often called the “Dean of Colorado Painters,” is largely credited for introducing Colorado to modern art in the 1920s.

In early 1931 -- barely one year after its unveiling -- Thompson’s mural was covered with layers of black paint by then-theatre director Walter Sinclair, and was believed to be destroyed.

The public clash following the mural’s defacement was heated. Thompson was quoted in the January 27, 1931, Denver Post as saying, “I know now why some men, otherwise law-abiding, sometimes commit murder.”

Despite the initial controversy, this artistic treasure faded from memory and was lost for 76 years. When architects began planning for restoration of the theater space, they hoped to replicate Thompson’s work based on an old black and white photo of the mural.

It was then, in 2007, that the surviving mural was discovered beneath countless layers of black paint by DU Art Collections curator Dan Jacobs. After a significant fundraising effort, a team of DU students worked alongside professional art conservators, including a team from the Western Center for the Conservation of Fine Arts on the lengthy and painstaking restoration process. As a result of this effort, this exquisite frame to the Reiman Theater has now been restored to near original condition.

Restoration of the Thompson mural is the latest chapter in this incredible journey of creation, loss and return to glory as one of the University of Denver Art Collections’ most prized assets.

We are honored to share the remarkable story of this piece of Colorado history.

Scott Reiman is Founder and President of Denver-based private-investment company Hexagon and a longtime patron of the arts. He serves as a University of Denver trustee and was pleased to support the Thompson mural restoration.

Dan Jacobs is Curator of the University of Denver Art Collections and Director of the University’s Vicki Myhren Gallery. In the course of research on artist John E. Thompson, he discovered the Shakespeare mural in 2007 and directed its restoration.


In Review, In Pictures: Denver Arts 2013

In Review, In Pictures: Denver Arts 2013

Debra Sanders at Pirate
Debra Sanders at Pirate - photos by Ken Hamel/

In addition, be sure to check out the Facebook album with highlights from the excellent Launch Pad Mission Two: L A N D, organized by Petra Sertic and Alvin Gregario.


New Works by Margaret Lee at the Dikeou Collection

Installation of new works by Margaret Lee

Dikeou Collection

Gallery Reception: Thursday, December 12 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm

Image: Margaret Lee, 'Zebra (huh/what),' detail, 2011

The Dikeou Collection is pleased to announce the installation of new works by artist Margaret Lee. An opening reception will take place at the Dikeou Collection, 1615 California St., Suite 515, Denver, CO 80202, on Thursday, December 12 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm to honor the occasion. Additionally, artist Chad Dawkins' twenty drawings on canvas, which were on view at the Pop-Up Space, have been re-installed in the main Dikeou Collection galleries in the Colorado Building. Local musician Justin Couch will be the DJ for the evening, playing his selections from our vinyl record archive.

Margaret Lee is an artist, curator, and dealer who lives and works in New York City. Her work has recently been shown at International Art Objects Galleries in Los Angeles, White Columns and MoMA PS1 in NYC, and the 12th Biennial de Lyon in France. Lee owns and operates her own gallery, 47 Canal, which she opened in 2011 and features contemporary artists like Anicka Yi, Josh Kline, and Michele Abeles. She also works as the studio assistant to renowned artist, Cindy Sherman, a title she has held for ten years.

For this event the Dikeou Collection will feature a trio of works by Lee titled 'Zebra (huh/what).' First exhibited at Jack Hanley Gallery in New York in 2011, 'Zebra (huh/what)' follows suit with Lee's practice and focus on replication and the readymade art object. In an interview with Art in America Lee states that she "loves to strike that balance. I want to give you exactly what you want and not give you anything at all. The name of that zebra is 'Zebra (huh/what)'. And that kind of sums up my practice: yes it is a zebra, no it's not a zebra." The Dikeou Collection is home to another work by Lee titled 'Think About Tomorrow, Or Don't.' Lee also curated an original project for issue 21 of zingmagazine, and both she and Chad Dawkins have projects in the most recent issue 23.

Justin Couch is a member of the Denver band Quantum Creep (Heligator Records). Couch frequently plays records at the Skylark Lounge's 'Savage Nights,' Wednesdays at 9:00 pm.

Dikeou Collection
The Colorado Building
1615 California Street (at 16th Street)
Suite 515
Denver, CO 80202


CSArt Colorado 2014

Community Supported Art Colorado 2014


Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and Denver Botanic Gardens are pleased to present the second season of Community Supported Art Colorado (CSArt Colorado).

Through a share-based membership, CSArt Colorado is continuing to connect local artists with art-lovers. For 2014, curators from BMoCA and DBG have selected a talented new batch of local artists. CSArt shareholders will receive a total of 10 original artworks from 10 Colorado-based artists at art distribution events throughout 2014. At these exciting events, shareholders will have the opportunity to meet the artists and mingle with fellow art-lovers before heading home with artworks for their collection.

2014 shares are available for purchase now. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a novice, a CSArt share makes the perfect gift for yourself and others. Don't miss out on your opportunity to own a collection of locally-made, original artwork from this season's talented group of artists!

2014 CSArt Artists

This year, CSArt Colorado has invited 20 artists working across a range of mediums and disciplines to participate. The artists have been split into two carefully curated groups of 10, Crop and Harvest.

T'Alyne (fiberglass)
Erica Dixon (mixed media)
Bruce Price (sculpture)
Jonathan Mason (music)
Stephen Witty (photography)
Amy Reckley (sculpture)
Kellie Cannon (intaglio print)
Laura Truitt (painting)
Andrew Williams (photography)
Julia Vandenoever (photography book)

Andrew Roberts-Gray (mixed media)
Amelia Caruso (painting)
Kim Harrell (silver smith)
Julie Wills (performance)
Morgan McKenna (photography)
Rebecca Vaughn (wall sculpture)
Tonia Bonnel (relief etching)
Craig Marshall Smith (painting)
Christopher R. Perez (photography)
Katie Sarralde (sewn object)


New in LoDo: Mike Wright Gallery

New in LoDo: Mike Wright Gallery

  • Happy Hour: 4 to 7pm Tuesday through Saturday featuring craft beer, fine wine, art and ambience

Yunior Hurtado Torres
Yunior Hurtado Torres at Mike Wright Gallery

(from the press release)
Mike Wright Gallery, located at 1412 Wazee St in Denver's historic LODO district, specializes in original, contemporary, fine art. We represent an exciting mix of artists, from emerging to mid-career and from local to international. We are dedicated to providing unique fine art, at reasonable prices, in a relaxed, casual atmosphere. Furthermore, this is not your Father's Art Gallery. Our gallery's goal is to be accessible. We are creating an atmosphere in which art buyers of all ages and experience levels will feel comfortable. Feel free to ask questions. Feel free to have a few glasses of wine, sit on the couch, stare at that painting you like, and enjoy.

Mike Wright Gallery, the proud purveyor of incredible art, wine, beer, and ambience, will be open many evenings for public happy hours and lively openings. Like us on Facebook to truly be kept in the know. We will also function as a versatile space for private events. The gallery provides a unique downtown venue for dinner parties, business meetings, fundraisers, weddings, and more. Visit our Private Events page for more details.

Mike Wright Gallery also offers quality framing and houses a working art studio for our local, visiting, and emerging artists.

So, visit the website, like us on facebook, or stop by between 10 and 5 Tuesday through Saturday, but definitely check out the only combination art gallery, wine bar, frame shop, event space, and interactive studio in town.

Mike Wright Gallery
1412 Wazee St
Denver, CO 80202


SYNC Gallery Seeking New Members for 2014

SYNC Gallery Seeking New Members for 2014

  • Contact Membership Director Cyncie Winter at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information

SYNC Gallery, an established cooperative gallery located at 931 Santa Fe Drive, is seeking new members ready to show their work in 2014.

SYNC Gallery exhibits contemporary abstract and conceptual works by a collective of emerging and established local artists with a wide freedom of expression. Artists commit to a yearly contract, which entitles them to a 2014 solo show and to display work on a continual basis in the Back Gallery.

Located in Denver’s historic Art District on Santa Fe – known for its vibrant arts scene – SYNC Gallery has become a destination for art lovers. Artist receptions are held every First & Third Friday from 6-9pm.  

Sync Gallery
931 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204
Thu: 1-4pm
First & Third Fridays: 6- 9pm
Sat 12-4pm


Erick Johnson's "Nest" at Westland's Park

Erick Johnson's "Nest" at Westland's Park

The Museum of Outdoor Arts is pleased to announce the installation of Nest by local sculptor Erick Johnson. The sculpture will be installed at Westland's Park in Greenwood Village, CO on June 5, 2013.

The sculpture was commissioned by MOA in 2012 for inclusion into its permanent collection. Nest will be moving from its temporary installation site in front of the Republic Plaza building in downtown Denver to its new home at Westland's Park.

Johnson says: "Throughout our natural world, and among many different species of birds, fish, insects and mammals, a NEST is an amazing, instinctively created environment for raising a family. It not only serves as a shield from the elements, but also as a fortress against other threatening natural predators.

Nesting is a communal force for pairs of animals, so they may establish a safe haven to raise, protect and nurture their young. This protective habitat can also be a sanctuary for rest, revitalization and comfort.

Nest is a public art installation that simulates a community or neighborhood. Many communities have multiple extraordinary burrows that exist within a small radius of one another. Among the different layers of community are individual statements about their respective lairs - some large, some small, each intended to be a cozy, protected retreat reflecting the life of its inhabitants.

NEST is a simple notion that ties a philosophical thread, Nest represents individual spaces; the vision broadens to respect for other individuals and their “nests”, regardless of social status or level. Nest represents a common goal and desire to have a nurturing place to call home."

The sculpture is made of steel and powder coated sheet metal. Nest measures 15.75 feet high by 6.5 feet in diameter.

Westland's Park is located at 5701 S. Quebec St., Greenwood Village, CO 80110.


CPAC's Hal Gould ViP Award Goes To...

Local Photographer/Curator Mark Sink To Receive First Ever Hal Gould ViP Award

Sink Gould sm
Mark Sink (left) with Hal Gould

(from the press release)

As part of its 50th anniversary celebration, the Colorado Photographic Arts Center will be awarding well-known Denver photographer and curator Mark Sink with the inaugural “Hal Gould Vision in Photography (ViP) Award.” The award is named in honor of Gould, 93, who was a founder of CPAC and retired in 2011 after closing his legendary Camera Obscura Gallery. Both Gould and Sink will be present at a March 28 fundraising dinner to celebrate Gould’s legacy and CPAC’s 50th anniversary. Persons interested in attending the dinner celebration may do so by contacting CPAC at 303-837-1341 or registering online at The event will be held at the Table 6 restaurant, located at 609 Corona Street in Denver.

“This award to Mark Sink is made in recognition of his many significant contributions to raising awareness, value, and appreciation of contemporary and fine art photography in this region, particularly through his curatorial and entrepreneurial initiatives,” stated Rupert Jenkins, CPAC executive director.

Also known as the founder of Denver’s Month of Photography (MoP), Sink curated his first exhibitions at Auraria's Emanuel Gallery in the early 1980s. After a spell in New York City photographing for Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine, he returned to Denver and became a co- founder and later Interim Director of MCA Denver. Sink has been the driving force behind MoP since it began in 2004. The biennial event takes place in March and now features numerous exhibitions and events throughout central Colorado.

Similarly, Gould is a regional photography giant. “As the inspiration behind countless photographers and visitors to the Camera Obscura Gallery, Hal Gould has had an immense effect on the photographic arts in Colorado and the Western Region,” stated Jenkins.

A practiced portrait photographer who eventually shifted into fine art photography, Gould was a longtime advocate for the medium at a time when it was denied recognition as a legitimate art form. In 1963 he joined with a group of like-minded people to form CPAC and open a gallery at 13th Avenue and Bannock Street in Denver. In 1979, after 15 years as CPAC’s exhibition committee Chair, Gould left the organization to found the Camera Obscura Gallery next door. The gallery closed in 2011. Gould continues to live in Denver and remains an avid supporter and viewer of photography.

Denver-based sculptor Yoshitomo Saito, who is known for his sculptures of natural forms, is crafting the Hal Gould Vision in Photography Award inspired by the Bristlecone Pine, in recognition one of Gould’s signature series.

“The Denver metro region has a committed and supportive photography community, and over the last 50 years Gould, Sink and CPAC have done much to nurture that effect,” said Jenkins, who added, “We expect a great turnout for this event, especially given our 50th Anniversary and the presence of these photographic luminaries.”

Jenkins said guests at the fundraising dinner will be treated to an auction of select fine prints by well-known photo-based artists, photo booth portraits taken by local artist Laura Shill, and a superb three-course meal served at one of Denver’s finest restaurants.

Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC)
445 South Saulsbury
Lakewood, CO 80226
Tue-Fri: Noon-8:00pm
Sat/Sun: Noon-6:00pm


In Review: Denver Arts 2012

In Review: Denver Arts 2012 director Ken Hamel's un-numbered, un-ordered, and somewhat un-structured look back at the local year in art...

wb* Spending Time at RedLine

Almost every exhibit at RedLine in 2012 was top notch, a look back includes Wang Gongxin (pix), Hybrid (pix), Material Engagements (pix),
Off The Beaten Path:Violence, Women and Art, and The Human Touch, comprised of work hand picked from the Royal Bank of Canada's Wealth Management division's art collection by local curator William Biety. Biety's selections were like having a mini-museum in town, featuring over 50 works from artists including Kehinde Wiley, Vik Muniz, John Baldessari and Chuck Close. (left: William Biety with RBC collection curator Don McNeil.)

And if the great art is not enough, stop by to wander through the RedLine members' open (and very much working) studios taking in the artistic
process of some of Denver's most notable emerging talent.

* csmSpending Time with Clyfford

One year later, I can say with great enthusiasm that the Clyfford Still Museum is an unabashed hit. An afternoon in the museum is like walking through the park, but with towering paintings taking the place of trees, and stoic formed concrete substituting for dreamy clouds. I love being in the building and I never tire of the work, which changes with unexpected regularity (and quite frankly even if the collection was static, I'm fine revisiting works that have become like old friends.) Still is celebrated with dedicated rooms at institutions across the US including SF MOMA, NY's Met, the Hirshhorn in DC, etc., we're fortunate to have the moneyshot right here in Denver. (right: Joel Shapiro's "For Jennifer" in front of the CSM)

* And Spending Time at the MCA

Several years more than one year later, but as above wtih Clyfford, the MCA has settled into a wonderful home that is a pleasure to spend time in. The recent show Postscript: Writing After Conceptual Art was a treat and spoke to me in a much more meaningful way than either "Primal Scene of Punk Rock" or West of Center, two history lessons that were less engaging artistically than Postscript. And More American Photographs was without doubt Denver's best photography exhibit of 2012 featuring recent work by iconic photographers Stephen Shore and Larry Clark among others.

ep* Milestones at the DAM

Several notable shows at the DAM, especially the excellent El Anatsui: When I Last Wrote to You about Africa which transformed the 4th floor of the Hamilton building into an African tapestry of twisted refuse and charred wood. I was also impressed with Gary Winogrand's Women Are Beautiful, nicely presented by the DAM's curator of photography Eric Paddock. While not exactly my bailiwick, the Yves Saint Laurent retrospective was well received locally with sellout crowds, and the Becoming Van Gogh exhibit was a unique achievement that deserves praise. And at over $20 per pop for entrance fees to the two aforementioned blockbusters, Let Them Mint Cash. (left: Eric Paddock)

* Public Art Tours from Arts and Venues

The city of Denver has an extensive collection of public art that you can take in at your leisure on your own, but I never miss an opportunity to join in on the popular public art tours held throughout the summer by the city's excellent staff and volunteers. I especially enjoyed the tour of Civic Center Park by Leon Krier (pix) and the 14th St / Convention Center tours by Mandy Renaud (pix). More info at

rc* Colorado Photographic Arts Center First Year

CPAC is hitting its stride in 2012 with several excellent exhibits including Laura Shill and Adam Milner, Matt Slaby and Matt Eich, Ed Kashi and Ruby Ray. In addition, CPAC played host to Katie Taft's Action Figures artist talk series (with Katie interviewing guest artists Judy Anderson, Sabin Aell and Brigid McAuliffe among others) as well as an excellent Portfolio Review series where up-and-coming photographers can have their latest images scoped by CPAC's director Rupert Jenkins alongside a rotating cast of well known luminaries on the local photo scene (including Carol Golemboski and Jessie Paige) (right: Rupert Jenkins and Carol Golemboski)

* Plus Plus

Ivar Zeile of Plus Gallery played host to a solid series of excellent artist talks as well as film and music events at the gallery. I especially enjoyed
New Abstraction Today: Four Essential Plus Gallery Artists (pix) and Xi Zhang's March 2012 gallery talk. You can keep up with the gallery's events by signing up for Ivar's weekly newsletter which of course has a strong emphasis on his gallery's artists and events, but also has an eye on other interesting goings on around town as well; sign up at

 * 2012 Stuff

Happy 5 year anniversary! The May celebration at City O' City was epic, including a "trippin' down memory lane" interview with Katie Taft and a 45 minute retrospective slideshow featuring some 150 photographs of artists I have taken since 2007. Thanks everyone for coming out and showing support. Also of note on the website, a new application for generating maps of the various Denver arts districts and a new, easier to read newsletter format.

2012-05-21 223620* Noteworthy Milestones and Events:

* Exhibits of Note:

Best wishes for a fantastic 2013! - KLH

(all photos by Ken Hamel/


PlatteForum 2013-2014 Creative Residency

PlatteForum 2013-2014 Creative Residency

Application deadline March 15, 2013

  • Applicatiion Fee: $35
"One of the best things was the studio where I was able to work in a larger scale...
Plus the kids inspired me. I have a whole new outlook on my art, and energy to tear into the next phase!"
Artist Katie Taft, Creative Resident, 2007

(from the press release)

PlatteForum's Creative Residency program offers the opportunity for reflection and intensive creative work. This stipend-based program aims to create an eenvironment where artists create a body of work, interact with underserved youth in the community, and present the work to the public in exhibitions, performances and events. PlatteForum is a member of the Alliance of Artist Communities, an international organization that advances creativity. While there are many ways to support and experience the arts – books and paintings, performances and poetry, movies, museums, and music – artists’ communities support individuals in the creation of new art and ideas.


Who Can Apply: The Creative Residency programs are open to artists in all genres. Applications from established professional artists, emerging artists, and graduate students are welcome. We encourage local, national, and international artists to apply. Artistic excellence, merit, and creative ways for interacting with the public as articulated in the application are important criteria in the selection process. Applicants must be able to speak and understand English. There is a three-year waiting period for former residents (for example, a Creative Resident from the 2010-11 season is not eligible to apply until the 2013-14 season). Resident artists are asked to donate a piece of art that will be auctioned by PlatteForum to support the residency program. Apply now.

Selection Process: An interdisciplinary selection committee will consider applications for the residencies. Care will be given to selecting artists who represent a variety of genres, experiences, and ideas.

Stipend/Support: PlatteForum provides facility, stipend ($250/week) to help defray artist expenses, staff support, program administration, workshop support, youth workshop supplies, opening event, press releases, printed invitations.

Facilities & Services: The contemporary facility is over 3,000 square feet with dedicated outdoor sculpture area and plaza. An open studio (2,000 square feet) is surrounded by staff offices, kitchen, restrooms, and artist/staff space with shower and futon couch.

Housing: Modest, private artist apartment with private bathroom, shower and futon.

Meals: Kitchen is available for artists' use.

Computer/Internet Access: Computer and internet connection provided in common area (shared), Computer and internet connection provided in living or studio area (private), Wireless Internet

Accessibility: housing/grounds/studios are accessible. Public areas and studios are wheelchair accessible.

Residency Fees: none

Additional Expectations/Community Involvement: Strengthening individual practice through collaboration. Resident artists dedicate 4-6 hours each week to work with one small groups of underserved youth, K-12, in intensive workshops that build upon the ideas and forms of the Creative Resident. PlatteForum staff supports the artist in the organization and facilitation of the youth workshops. Each residency culminates in a public reception where the work and ideas of the Creative Resident and the youth are presented in a performance, exhibition or artist talk, seminar,depending on the work of the Creative Resident and the youth. 

1610 Little Raven Street
Suite 135
Denver, CO 80202
Mon-Fri: Noon - 4:00 PM or by appointment



Evan Mann Kickstarter for The Otherwordly

Denver Artist Evan Mann Kickstarter

Raising funds for THE OTHERWORLDLY: an exploratory experimental video

the otherworldly 1

(from Evan:)

I have teamed up with Kickstarter to launch a funraising campaign to produce my next video project, The Otherworldly.

"Fundrasing campaign... what's in it for me?"

Well, I am glad you asked: I am selling limited edition screen-printed t-shits and original artwork to gather the necessary resources to begin production. No pledge amount is too great or small, you can contribute at any level. If we do not reach our minimum goal of $8,000 in the next 30 days, credit cards will not be charged, rewards will not be given, and The Otherworldly will not be created... but not to worry, because 95% of the things we worry about never actually happen.


May 2012 Website Update

May 2012 Website Update

UPDATE: As of May 20th, besides for ongoing updating of legacy links from the old site format to the new link name format, everything is pretty much back to normal, thanks for your patience! If you are linking to content on, be sure to update your links to the new "Search Engine Friendly" URLs.

If you are a regular reader of online, you might have noticed a variety of changes (and some significant outages) over the last 3 weeks. Due to upgrades at the web host, the site was moved to a new server which caused a variety of problems and created the need to totally migrate the site to a new version of software.

While there was some short term pain, the upside is improved mapping software to highlight gallery locations (with the final migration of the mapping data over the next week or so), an update to the newsletter look and functionality and a few other nice behind the scenes tools.

One of the unfortunate downsides has been the loss of most all of 5 years worth of Google indexed "Search Engine Friendly" URLs. If you have linked to an article on or find something via web search in the short term, most likely that link has changed and will generate a "File Not Found" error. Please use the website search feature to find the article, note the new link and update your website or blog with the new information.

Another unfortunate side effect has been a variety of formatting problems with the site due to changes in the site template. Please be patient as things get sorted out over the next few weeks.

As always, thanks for your continued support!


MCA Summer of 2012 Extended Hours

 MCA Summer of 2012 Extended Hours

summer hours

The MCA Denver recently announced extended summer hours! I'm for sure looking forward to summer nights on the roof sipping adult beverages with friends come COB. Knowing the folks at the MCA, rest assured there will be a variety of after work mischief and events throughout the museum on a regular basis. - KLH

From the announcement: "Tuesday–Friday, Memorial Day through Labor Day, MCA Denver is proud to keep its doors and its rooftop café open until 9PM. Bring your friends. Enjoy the art. Have a drink in our rooftop garden."

Museum of Contemporary Art Denver
1485 Delgany
Denver, CO 80202
Mon: Closed
Tue–Thu: 10:00–6:00 pm
Fri: 10:00–10:00 pm
Sat-Sun: 10:00–6:00 pm  


Clark Richert: Nobel Inspiration

Art Precedes Science: Rule Gallery artist Clark Richert's work anticipated 2011 Nobel Prize


(from the press release)

The work of Colorado artist Clark Richert, who teaches at Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, has been cited in the February 2012 issue of Chemistry in Australia as predictive of the discovery of the quasicrystal. The article lauds chemist Daniel Schechtman's 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his discovery of the quasicrystal. In a section captioned "Art Precedes Science", author Peter Karuso acknowledges Richert's finding in 1970 of a "non-periodic" tiling system which in 1982 was discovered to model the underlying structure of the quasicrystal.

From "Defying the laws of science: the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry" in the February 2012 issue of Chemistry in Australia, by Peter Karuso:
  • "Art Precedes Science... As an artist, Clark Richert has been working with five-fold symmetry since the 1960s when he started building domes inspired by Buckminster Fuller at the experimental artists’ community Drop City. His domes were inspired by zonahedra such as triacontrahedra. In 1970 he discovered that the shadow cast by a three-dimensional rhombic triacontahedron produced a two dimensional pattern of two rhombi (‘fat’ and ‘skinny’ diamonds) that would tile together to fill a plane non-periodically. That year he produced several art projects based on the system, for example a poster entitled "Tree of Life". The non-periodic tessellation that underlies these works displays an interplay and interconnectedness between symmetry and asymmetry, order and disorder – the harmony of opposites. Since the 1970s, Clark has continued to work with five-fold symmetry in his art and recently had an exhibition entitled ‘Five-Zone System’ at the Rule Gallery in Denver, Colorado. An example is his most recent painting entitled ‘Quasi-Shechtman’, which is dedicated to this year’s Nobel Prize winner and graces the cover of this issue..."


Portfolio Reviews with CPAC Director Rupert Jenkins

Portfolio Review with CPAC Director Rupert Jenkins

Colorado Photographic Arts Center

Fourth Thursday of Every Month from 6-8:30pm

  • Each month features a different guest reviewer joining Rupert
  • Free for CPAC members, $10 for non-members
  • Reviews are limited to six artists; to show your work, RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 303-837-1341
  • Artists who are not showing but want to participate in the discussion are welcome to attend


(from the website)

Portfolio reviews are an important part of any photographer’s development as an artist. These informal reviews are open to all student levels and are an excellent chance to present your work in a positive environment, gain confidence, and receive constructive feedback on ways to move ahead with your project. Each month, Gallery Director Rupert Jenkins and an educator or curator from the photo community will lead discussion and critiques of six photographers’ work.

Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC)
445 South Saulsbury
Lakewood, CO 80226
Tue-Fri: Noon-8:00pm
Sat/Sun: Noon-6:00pm



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