May 2012 Website Update

UPDATE: As of May 20th, besides for ongoing updating of legacy links from the old site format to the new link name format, everything is pretty much back to normal, thanks for your patience! If you are linking to content on, be sure to update your links to the new "Search Engine Friendly" URLs.

If you are a regular reader of online, you might have noticed a variety of changes (and some significant outages) over the last 3 weeks. Due to upgrades at the web host, the site was moved to a new server which caused a variety of problems and created the need to totally migrate the site to a new version of software.

While there was some short term pain, the upside is improved mapping software to highlight gallery locations (with the final migration of the mapping data over the next week or so), an update to the newsletter look and functionality and a few other nice behind the scenes tools.

One of the unfortunate downsides has been the loss of most all of 5 years worth of Google indexed "Search Engine Friendly" URLs. If you have linked to an article on or find something via web search in the short term, most likely that link has changed and will generate a "File Not Found" error. Please use the website search feature to find the article, note the new link and update your website or blog with the new information.

Another unfortunate side effect has been a variety of formatting problems with the site due to changes in the site template. Please be patient as things get sorted out over the next few weeks.

As always, thanks for your continued support!