Erick Johnson's "Nest" at Westland's Park

The Museum of Outdoor Arts is pleased to announce the installation of Nest by local sculptor Erick Johnson. The sculpture will be installed at Westland's Park in Greenwood Village, CO on June 5, 2013.

The sculpture was commissioned by MOA in 2012 for inclusion into its permanent collection. Nest will be moving from its temporary installation site in front of the Republic Plaza building in downtown Denver to its new home at Westland's Park.

Johnson says: "Throughout our natural world, and among many different species of birds, fish, insects and mammals, a NEST is an amazing, instinctively created environment for raising a family. It not only serves as a shield from the elements, but also as a fortress against other threatening natural predators.

Nesting is a communal force for pairs of animals, so they may establish a safe haven to raise, protect and nurture their young. This protective habitat can also be a sanctuary for rest, revitalization and comfort.

Nest is a public art installation that simulates a community or neighborhood. Many communities have multiple extraordinary burrows that exist within a small radius of one another. Among the different layers of community are individual statements about their respective lairs - some large, some small, each intended to be a cozy, protected retreat reflecting the life of its inhabitants.

NEST is a simple notion that ties a philosophical thread, Nest represents individual spaces; the vision broadens to respect for other individuals and their “nests”, regardless of social status or level. Nest represents a common goal and desire to have a nurturing place to call home."

The sculpture is made of steel and powder coated sheet metal. Nest measures 15.75 feet high by 6.5 feet in diameter.

Westland's Park is located at 5701 S. Quebec St., Greenwood Village, CO 80110.


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