Christopher Lavery's Cloudscape - photo by Ken Hamel/

If holiday travels take you towards the airport, keep an eye left (North), about 1/4 mile before the Tower Road exit on Pena Blvd. for Christopher Lavery's wonderful public sculpture "Cloudscape." The work is composed of three corrugated metal, childlike "clouds" perched upon steel towers reminiscent of oil derricks, giving the piece a distinctive Western feel, as told by coloring book. The best time to see the sculpture is without doubt at sunrise/sunset as each cloud's surface is actually translucent plastic illuminated from within, creating a peaceful (solar powered) purple glow. Unfortunately the work is only temporary, billed as being on display for "at least the next year" from the summer 2010 installation.

It's worth noting that the piece was skillfully installed by local sculptor Mike Mancarella's "JunoWorks," the Ironton-based public art fabrication and installation business behind many of Donald Lipski's outdoor works as well as "Jurassic Leaves," the Mark Leese public sculpture at the Louisiana St. light rail station. - KLH