(MA)chi(N)e(MADE): Organic Precision

Vertigo Art Space

January 21 - February 25, 2011

  • Presented by Emerging Curator Project; Curated by Jennifer Jeannelle
  • Artists: Christopher Bullock Amber Cobb Sophia Dillo Chase Folsom John Grimberg Gary Parkins Casey Whittier
Artist Gary Parkins with robotic apparatus programed to build the sculpture "The Summoned" - photo by Ken Hamel/DenverArts.org

(from the press release)

As part of Vertigo Art Space’s Emerging Curator Project, Jennifer Jeannelle pulls together a group of artists whose artmaking depends on the collaboration with a variety of machines or machine-made objects. Although each artist conveys a myriad of conceptual exploration, each maintains a nostalgic connection with organic elements and considers the relationship with the machine.

  • a re-creation of patterns found in nature using machine-made objects designed to play with the viewer’s perception of light and reflection
  • precise drawings mimicking fractals, circuitry or an extraordinary map-type language on a manufactured but defunct source of technology-based entertainment
  • a discarded and dilapidated object once manufactured for splendor, now desperately and spontaneously spreading its organic revival
  • seductive texture created with machine made molds and hand manipulated clay, manufactured aluminum, partially obscured by synthetic material
  • a provocative projection on a meticulously mounted display of delicate objects that evoke both the preservation and destruction of the natural world
  • abstraction of a natural form, objectifying the body to recreate a quasi-robotic form through a multi-step collaboration with a variety of machinery
  • the machine itself, designed to distribute strings of hot glue, performing its mesmerizing duty of spinning large web-like structures
This show examines the parallels of creating and examining both the natural and manufactured world. Each artist seems to embrace the process of artmaking and finds satisfaction in a unique interpretation of “Organic Precision.”

Vertigo Art Space
960 Santa Fe Dr
Denver, CO 80204
303.573.VERT (8378)


photos by Ken Hamel/DenverArts.org