Double Diptych

Vertigo Art Space

March 2 – April 15, 2011

  • Opening Reception: Thursday March 3, 6-9 pm
  • Third Friday Reception: March 18, 6-9pm
  • Curated by Rupert Jenkins for the Colorado Photographic Arts Center [CPAC]
  • Artists: Monique Crine, John Davenport, Ian Fisher, Cinthea Fiss, Greg Friedler, Conor King, Kate Levy and Edie Winograde
Monique Crine - photos by Ken Hamel/

Conor King
(from the press release)

Double Diptych brings together eight of Denver’s most innovative artists who work with photography. The theme of the show is self-explanatory – each artist was invited to present two diptychs that reflect their ongoing interests. In this show, the diptych operates in two distinct ways: as subjective reading of an assumed narrative, and as evidence of the artist’s creative source.

All the artists use photography in one way or another: Monique Crine, Ian Fisher, and Greg Friedler each use the photograph as source material for their portrait drawings. Fisher uses family snapshots to draw isolated portraits of his grandfather; Crine’s subject is a neighborhood child, whose world she regularly photographs; and Friedler transforms studio nudes into almost-primitive pencil-and-ink renderings. Cinthea Fiss presents a video split-screen as well as a pair of related photographs that collectively recollect San Francisco’s punk music scene in the 80s; Conor King uses digital technologies to create a link between past and future Arctic explorations; John Davenport, Edie Winograde, and Kate Levy each construct more traditional photo-diptychs: Davenport pairs a distressed glass-plate image with his younger self; Winograde returns to her investigations into restaged American battles; and Levy juggles images from several ongoing documentary series’.

The show is curated by Rupert Jenkins, President of the Colorado Photographic Arts Center, for CPAC in association with Vertigo Art Space and the Denver Month of Photography. Founded in Denver in 1963, CPAC was the first venue in the region to foster the art of photography and continues to be a vital force through its ongoing exhibition programming and related activities. More information about the organization can be found at

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