Robert Newman: (re)Evolution

Valkarie Gallery

November 8 - December 3, 2017

  • Opening Reception: Saturday, November 11, 5 - 8:30pm

Over the past five years Robert Newman has fully felt the meaning behind a quote from photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson "Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst." Through his own 10K, Robert has evolved his "Stray Images" exploration of theme and style to set him on the edge of a new (re)Evolution. From the quiet beauty in the farms and ranchland of eastern Colorado to dramatic west coast seascapes; and with richly-toned black & white landscapes to the abandoned remnants of society in transition, Robert's imagery blends emotion, sensitivity, and humor with a keen sense of peace and space. In his final show as a resident artist in Valkarie Gallery, Robert bitter-sweetly shares his favorite "strays" but with one lens firmly set to future.

Valkarie Gallery
445 S Saulsbury St
Denver, CO 80226
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