Albert Stern: Rivers of Light: Portraits of Power & Transformation

Valkarie Gallery

March 22 - April 16, 2017

  • Belmar First Friday Art Walk: April 7th from 4-8:30pm

"I believe our bodies at their root are filled with light. As we shift, coil, and expand the light grows, radiates and explodes. The face is the crystal on which the light is most expressive.

I seek to capture it with as little direct thought as possible. It is easiest at night when things are more still and the mind is tired of control. The nights when my body is right the images are like water pouring down.

It is our birthright, this root, these rivers of light." ~ Albert Stern

Stern's paintings are inspired from the work he does as an acupuncturist and body worker. As a healer he works with his clients’ bodies as well as their energy, spirit, and personal power. Through this healing work, he watches people transform, grow and find their Personal Light. Transformation is not always easy or pretty but it is always beautiful. It is a powerful journey full of darkness and light. His paintings look to capture the beauty of the journey.

These paintings are created with Albert's hands, fingers, and minimal tools. No brushes are used. He uses his hands. His fingers. Sometimes his elbow.

Each piece begins as a monoprint - a one shot print pulled off on a sheet of plexiglass.

Stern "draws" with his fingers using ink on plexiglass and then transfer the image to paper. He does this in an effort to strike a balance between control and spontaneity. Intention and chance. He never knows exactly what will happen.

After the image comes out Albert will either leave it as is. Or add color on top. Sometimes he scratches at it. Other times he uses pastels. Or powdered pigment. Brushes just do not work for him and are avoided.  

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