Gary Manuel and Jen Zielinski

SYNC Gallery

July 29 - August 30, 2013

  • Artist receptions: First Friday, August 2 & Third Friday, August 16 from 6-9pm
Image attached: Repeat and Repeat, Olive wood and Aluminum, 30"x30"x64"

(from the press release)

Sync Gallery presents "Unexpected" sculpture by Gary Manuel and "Impulse" oil paintings by Jen Zielinski

Gary Manuel is a recent transplant from New Orleans and a new member at Sync Gallery. "Unexpected" features Manuel's sculptures that incorporate spheres, textures and lines, but, always include an angle or two. At first glance his pieces appear to be rambling and unrelated. But a further look brings the viewer closer to his vision.

Manuel states "When I worked as a cabinetmaker I built furniture to specifications, leaving out any defects in the wood. But now I display these flaws as beauty streaks. I expose the cracks, defects and bark in ways that are both decorative and thoughtful. I do this by piercing the wood in different ways and often framing the piece off center, offering an alternative to typical symmetry."

More work by Gary Manuel can be seen at:

intrusive thoughts
Jen Zielinski - Intrusive Thoughts, Oil on canvas, 36"x36"

Jen Zielinski's paintings for her new show, Impulse, explore life subjectively through surrealism. In her work, each drawing and painting displays everyday objects in a unique and unexpected context, allowing the viewer an opportunity to use their own imagination. She creates everyday objects and places them outside of their normal functions, often times, displaying them in strange and unusual contexts. These themes might include odd background settings, realistic depictions juxtaposed with whimsical objects, or the unification of disparate objects.

This show is an unexpected journey for Zielinski as she works in a new style. "Typically, I sketch out ideas and carefully plan a composition, then transfer the layout onto canvas. However, for this new work, I decided to use real life objects and paint them directly onto canvas, without a solid plan or specific idea in mind." states Jen. She impulsively created these images which developed into a sort of “retrospective” still life - as an unexpected story unfolded.

Zielinski attended school at the American Academy of Art in Chicago where she studied oil painting and illustration. Her inspiration stems from the likes of Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, and the 20th century art movement of Surrealism. “I believe that everything we see is truly unique and fascinating. Life is incredibly surreal. It is full of so many questions only to be answered through our own interpretation and unique imagination.”

More of Jen's work can be seen at The Best of Santa Fe Art District Show 2012-2013 at Niza Knoll Gallery, 915 Santa Fe Dr. in Denver from 7/16-8/10. Opening reception: Friday, 7/19, 5–9 pm.

SYNC Gallery exhibits a variety of contemporary abstract and conceptual works by a collective of emerging and established artists. Each month select members display exciting work with a wide freedom of expression and invite a forum for discussion. Located in the Santa Fe Arts District in Denver – known for its vibrant arts scene – SYNC Gallery has become a destination for art lovers.

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