Nina Tichava: “Layered”

SugarCube (1555 Blake St, Denver)

May 9 - July 16, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Wednesday, May 9, 6:30-8:30 pm at SugarCube
  • K Contemporary and SugarCube present Nina Tichava in her solo exhibition, “Layered”
Tichava’s paintings draw heavily from environment, taking shape as process-based and heavily layered combinations of painting, printmaking and collage. The work is influenced by architecture and nature, and pulls from digital and printed media and photography. Using hand-cut stencils and drawings from life, she blends repeated patterns with abstract and gestural painting. The deeply layered works are created over the course of months, evolving from a base of canvas or wood grain and simple collage into complex and dynamic compositions.

The paintings often evoke organic forms, such as trees and blossoms, and convey the feeling of natural events: a rainfall, blowing winds or moving waters. Simultaneously, the structured and measured elements reference the artificial and suggest objects, architecture and technologies; complex patterning mimics the appearance of fabric, textiles and pixelated screens. “I’m spending much of my time thinking about dualities; I’m exploring the ideas of expressionistic, immediate and urgent vs. meticulous, examined, processed or digitized.” Drawing influences from iconic American painters such as Rauschenberg, Mitchell, Frankenthaler and others, Tichava considers her experience moving through contemporary life, specifically in a digitized, technologically driven environment.

“When I select a gestural moment of mark-making and then painstakingly document and reproduce it, I see it much like taking a snapshot and then spending significantly more time editing, filtering, and “sharing” than in the original, live experience. Noticing this tendency isn’t a criticism of social media or technology, but rather the recognition of a shift and a separation between the physical world and the version I see through screens and filters; interestingly, it’s a separation much like painting.”

Nina Tichava was raised in both, rural northern New Mexico and the Bay Area in California. She was influenced by her father, a construction worker and mathematician and by her mother, who is an artist and designer. The reflections of these dualities—country to city, pragmatist to artist, nature to technology—are essential to and evident in her paintings.

Nina is a recipient of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Award Grant in 2007 and has exhibited professionally since 2009. Tichava’s work is featured in numerous private, corporate and public collections including: Delta Airlines, Seattle WA, City of Seattle Permanent Collection, Seattle WA, Fenwick and West LLP, Silicon Valley CA, Harcos-Huneke Collec- tion, Miramonte CA, Swedish Hospital, Seattle WA, University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle WA, Seattle City Light Public Utility Collection, Seattle WA, Jewish Community Center and Foundation, Denver CO. She received her BFA from California College of the Arts [+ Crafts] in San Francisco/Oakland and has exhibited in all major national art fairs including: Miami, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Dallas, New York, Seattle and San Francisco.