Bombastic Plastic: a toy art show

Spectra Art Space

Opening Reception: Saturday May 19th from 6-11pm

  • Presented by Spectra Art Space, Meow Wolf, and Th!s
  • Featuring: Lindsay Wailes Difabbio, Rampage Toys, VideoVomit, Acolorfulmonster, WillyDigitalSculpting, Motley MisCreations, SCIENCE PATROLS, Lab Monkey Number 9, Naomi Knaff, Shirahama Toy, Yuck Toy Co., Blitzkrieg Toys, Ronald Reeves, Xpanded Universe, Nate the Milkman & ZombiePop, Tru Slithers, KrymsynGardImmoral, KIK TOYZ, Adam Yeater, CMJ Toys, Green Plastic Tunnels, Neil Ewing
Spectra Art Space
1836 S. Broadway
Denver CO 80210