Vignettes: Solo Show from Miu Vermillion

momentary lapse: Solo Show from Andrew Novick

Sally Centigrade Art Gallery

March 9 - 31, 2017

  • Opening Reception: Thursday March 9th 5-9:30
miu-vermillion lineup-part2Miu Vermillion - Lineup

Sally Centigrade presents our first ever photography show! Part of Denver’s “Month of Photography” we will be hosting a double solo show featuring new work from Denver’s own Andrew Novick and US / Japan based photographer Miu Vermillion.

For momentary lapse Andrew created 10 pieces using 35mm (E-6) cross-processed slide film, manually wound while the subject is exposed with an open shutter. The final effect is an image that is equal parts creepy and welcoming, it’s the same feeling I get looking at the grinning “Face of the Steeplechase” Coney Island symbol.

Miu’s approach to making art is immersive, to create the scene for each picture she often has to sew, sculpt and paint. Calling her art work photography is selling it short, the reality is that it is a mixed media art piece trapped in a photo. Each piece is ornately framed, and each photo has a backstory, and several hidden messages which we will reveal through social media and at the show.

Andrew Novick is a Denver native and a prolific provocateur of wackiness in town. Whether as a performer of music and/or PowerPoint presentations (Warlock Pinchers, GetYourGoing) or running themed events (PeepsBQ, Andrew Novick’s X-Treme Pancake Breakfast, Japanese Medical Punk Dance Party and Surgery Dinner, pop-up ramen shops, etc.), he tries to keep himself (and others!) busy.  He is also an electrical engineer and an avid collector (  Andrew has been called the “world’s most recreational photographer” – snapping photos to fit into the countless themes of his visual vernacular. 

Miu Vermillion is a creator and a free-spirit. Inspired by manga, dark anime, and twisted stories she unwittingly read when she was a child, she started to use a camera and an image-editing software to express the emotions she wasn’t able to verbalize. One and a half decades later, the thing that started out as a cathartic outlet has turned into a creative endeavor, a source of joy, and a way to explore various perspectives on social issues. Besides her fine art and experimental analog photography, Miu is also known for her mixed media art and fashion photography. Her works has been seen – globally – in fashion, photography, and art publications, as well as in the “Shoot the Cover with Wix & Condé Nast” videos on Wix’s, Vanity Fair’s, Conde Nast Traveller’s, and Brides Magazine’s websites. In addition to being an artist, Miu is a regular contributor to Beautiful Bizarre Magazine and a co-founder of an independent demi-couture company called Angelica Brigade: AvaNt GardE Luxurious Inventions by Collaborative Artists Brigade.

The opening reception will include refreshments, and $2 parking in the Larimer Square Garage. Artist Andrew Novick will be on hand, and in addition to the current show the gallery features prints from dozens of artists including Tara McPherson, Lora Zombie and Jasmine Becket-Griffith. For more information visit

Sally Centigrade Art Gallery
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