Linda Herritt: Good Girl

Rule Gallery

November 10 - December 23, 2017

  • Opening Reception: Friday, November 10 from 6-9pm
Linda Herritt - Good Girl

In Good Girl, Linda Herritt presents a new series of text-based paintings with collage as well as site specific installations derived from common dog commands. Herritt creates abstract veils of color on paper as a background for bold fonts that dominate the page. The paintings pit the struggle to control nature implied in the terse block letter commands against the fluid unpredictability of the paint, which runs, stains, and otherwise misbehaves. Good Girl was inspired by Herritt’s struggle to train a rescue dog, but the metaphor extends into many facets of life, including the current political chaos, fears of climate change and the power dynamics in our personal and professional relationships.

The Good Girl series continues her practice of transforming lists into poetry, working with text as image, content, and sound, creating tension between seeing and reading. The subjects of the text are usually based on a multi-leveled social commentary. Her older subjects include the bands playing in Brooklyn, a hierarchy of pain medications, the evocative names of lipstick colors, and Buckminster Fuller’s utopian pronouncements. The lists use humor and irony to reference the utopian desire for a world that is perfectible or controllable.

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