Do It

RMCAD Philip J. Steele Gallery

May 6 - July 29, 2011

  • Interpreted and curated by Cortney Stell, Gallery Director
  • Opening Reception: Friday, May 6th from 6-9pm

(from the press release)

do it is a unique exhibition that centers on the notion of interpretation as an artistic principle. Starting with a manual of written, do-it-yourself instructions compiled from internationally renowned artists, the idea is for other artists to carry out the instructions and re-imagine the procedures from their own individual perspectives. These procedures range from household chores and recipes to random social activities and abstract concepts. They can be as complex as Tacita Dean’s directions for finding a four leaf clover or as simple as Louise Bourgeois’ invitation to smile at a stranger.

In the same way a sheet of music remains static until it is played, the instructions in do it lie dormant until they are once again brought to life by another artist. No two translations of the same instructions are ever identical. At the conclusion of the exhibition, all work must be destroyed. This reinforces the exhibition’s emphasis on interpretation rather than consumerism.

Originated by Swiss curator Hans Ulrich Obrist in the 1990s, do it has been carried out in cities throughout the world. RMCAD’s do it exhibition will feature a pool of 30 regional artists including graphic designers, musicians, museum directors, gallery owners, and several RMCAD alumni.

The following is a list of participating artists and the artists whose instructions they have chosen to interpret:
Xi Zhang: Jay Chung
Yumi Roth: Rirkrit Tiravanija or Maria Eichhorn
Brandon Bultman: Elmgreen & Dragset
Mario Zoots: Jonas Mekas
Nathan Abels: Deimantas Narkevicius
Rian Kerrane: Louise Bourgeois
Tsehai Johnson: Febrice Hybart
Gregory Hayes: Lygia Pape
Bill Amundson: Febrice Hybart
Amanda Gordon Dunn: John Baldessari
Virginia Folkestad: Tobias Rehberger
Homare Ikeda: Carten Holler or Mona Hatoum
Viviane LeCourtois: Rirkrit Tiravanija
Laleh Mehran: Deimantas Narkevicius
Nick Silici: Bruce Nauman
Duncan Malashock: Elmgreen & Dragset
Jon Rafman: Pablo Azul
Michelle Baldwin: Joan Brossa
Adam Lerner: Christian Marclay
Ryder Ripps: John Baldessari
Colin Ward: Maria Eichhorn
Rori Knudtson: Carsten Holler
Travis Egedy: undecided
Alicia Ordal: Hassan Khan
Phil Bender: Jonathan Horowitz
Daniel Hipólito: Marjetica Potrc
Rick Griffith: Yoko Ono
Mondo Guerra: undecided
Isaac Linder: Tino Sehgal or Soo Ja Kim
Fernando Arambul: Paul McCarthy
David Fodel & Paco Proano: Yoko Ono

Philip J. Steele Gallery
Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design
1600 Pierce Street
Lakewood, CO 80214