Drawing Never Dies


July 9 - August 5, 2016

  • Opening Reception: Saturday July 9 at 6pm
college ruled 7 3 Clay Hawkley, College Ruled 7, archival inkjet print, 2016

daisy don
Guest Jurors Daisy McGowan and Donald Fodness - photo by Ken Hamel/DenverArts.org

Perhaps the oldest and most basic art act, drawing remains relevant despite significant changes in technology and the nature of art. The definition of drawing is blurry and often serves as a basis for study in most every other medium. Drawing is rarely is given the same attention as other disciplines within visual art, but is regularly a root for other artistic practices, as well as being a valid realm on its own.

Drawing Never Dies will survey the range of drawing taking place today. Approaches may span from minimal to maximal, meticulous to messy, monumental to miniature. From commonplace and traditional materials such as graphite and pens on paper, to drawing on the surface of the earth, to artists working with technology such as 3d pen drawings in space or forms intended for experience on the screen; we are interested in a broad/expansive survey of drawing now. We invite artists who consider their work from the vantage of drawing to submit to this juried exhibition.

Guest Jurors:

RedLine is pleased to announce Donald Fodness (artist & curator) and Daisy McGowan (Director & Chief Curator of Gallery of Contemporary Art, Colorado Springs).


Tedd Anderson, Justin Ankenbauer, Richard Beck, Michael Beitz, Jennifer Belair, Michael Bernhardt, Susan Blake, Teresa Booth Brown, Malinda Bray, Sophy Brown, Trine Bumiller, Krista Clark, Carolyn Cohen, Corie Cole, Gregory Cook, Eilis Crean, Jacob Custer, Maria DiFranco, Corey Drieth, Loren Erdrich, Jack Estenssoro, Ashley Freinberg, Brian Gillis, Jason Gimbel, Clay Hawkley, Andrew Huffman, Peter ILLIG, Heidi Jensen, Margaret Kasahara, Anna Kaye, Matt Kuhlman, Jane Lackey, Lauren Lake, Sarah Leahy, Nicole Lenzi, Brenda Luckin, Shona Macdonald, Ryan Mandell, Suchitra Mattai, Tom Mazzullo, Donna Meeks, Sarah Michaels, Adam Milner, Lauri Murphy, Kia Neill, Josh Nemec, Lynx Nguyen, Eric Nord, Tim Norris, Seamus O'Rourke, Nate Otto, Duncan Parks, Caroline Peters, Jennifer Pettus, Bruce Price, Amie Rangel, TJ Raygun, Lauren Amalia Redding, Collin Richard, Benjamin Rogers, Colin Ruff, Bill Santelli, Raphael Sassi, Naomi Scheck, Shelby Shadwell, Kyle Singer, Jodi Stuart, Scott Teplin, Kari Treadwell, Jenny Ustick, Anne Wedler, Barry Whittaker, Ellen Winkler, Dustin Young, Tamara Zibners, Rachel Zollinger, Mario Zoots 

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