Au: Exchange

RedLine’s Annual Resident Artists Exhibition


November 11, 2011 – January 1, 2012

  • Opening reception: Friday November 11th; Members only 7pm. Public reception from 8-10pm
  • Artists: Conor King, Viviane Le Courtois, Bob Koons, Terry Campbell, Gretchen Schaefer, Alicia Ordal, Joel Swanson, Sterling Crispin, Derrick Velasquez, Virginia Folkestad, Beau Carey, Sarah Wallace Scott, Justin Beard, Jaime Carrejo, Donald Fodness, Theresa Clowes and Laura Merage


(from the press release)

RedLine is pleased to announce its annual Resident Artist’s exhibition, Au: Exchange. Cortney Lane Stell, gallery director at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design will curate the exhibition and symbolically transform RedLine through artist’s creative engagement with precious commodities. She explains:

This exhibition reconsiders gold, and the relationship of RedLine artists with the material and the economy. Each resident artist was given a 2.5 gram gold bar to use in relation to the exhibition. Titled after the material’s relationship to the concept, chemical element symbol for gold as a material and exchange references organized markets, financial systems, and the exchange that happens between artist and curator.

Eighteen RedLine artists will be exhibiting in Au: Exchange and will present 18 individual testaments to the extraordinary relationship between artist and funding, artist and material, and artist and value. The concepts touched on in this exhibition also reflect the plurality of concepts embedded in the material - from consumerism to identity. Participating RedLine resident artist Conor King’s works explores the material properties of gold and its correlation to photographic processes, he comments

“The Au exhibition has inspired a work that repositions my relationship to gold, one that originally rested in a conceptual realm of economy and world markets into a more physical understanding of gold and its’ aesthetic value. In my work, I will explore the material properties of gold in relation to photographic processes that deal with reflection and light.”

The opening reception for RedLine members will be held during Denver Arts Week on Friday, November 11, 2011 at 7pm, which will feature a curatorial walk-through with Ms. Stell. This will be followed by a public reception from 8-10pm. For more information please visit

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