Kristin Stransky: common/myth

Plus Gallery

April 25 - May 24, 2014

  • Opening Reception: Friday, April 25th from 7-9pm
  • 3-d printing demonstration and artist talk: Saturday May 3rd @ 4pm
  • 3-d printing demonstration for RiNo Safari tour: Saturday, May 17th Noon - 5pm
Bike Art representing Steamboat Springs for USA Pro Cycle Challenge 2013
by Kristin Stransky and Audrey Seiler

Plus Gallery continues it's current focus on the future of art, specifically through local new-media artists working with unprecedented materials and techniques. Kristin Stranky's "common/myth" is an explosive solo debut by an artist whose conceptual work involves a unique engagement with digital imaging, complex 3-d printing techniques and audience interaction. The works presented in "common/myth" examine the transitions between consciousness and universal mythologies: digital consciousness/human consciousness, digital/physical, 2D/3D and mind/emotion/body. Rooted in society's rapidly advancing, collective "digital memory," Stransky creates a thought-provoking, interactive environment that includes wearable artworks, scanning devices that record emotion through MRI's, as well as sculptures that pursue connections between the mental and the physical. Collectively they encompass a vision of the future in both concept as well as material approach.

Using the language of medical imaging, Kristin Stransky dissects parts of the human body that are "loaded" or gender neutral, slicing them formally, technically and conceptually. Her lively three-dimensional creations examine the two dimensionality of printed fashion-profiles, and, through motion and difference, how the "creature" reacts to beings outside itself. Mechanical and electronic components allow for the emotional content of the robot and it's effect on our psyches to be examined.

Stransky will present a 3-d printing demonstration and artist talk in conjunction with the exhibition on Saturday, May 3rd at 4pm, the first of its kind to take place in a Denver gallery context.  Stransky will also present an all-day 3-d print demonstration on Saturday, May 17th in conjunction with the River North Art District's annual Safari art tour, from noon-5pm.

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