Temple Artists Group Exhibition


August 3 - September 1, 2017

  • Opening Reception: Thursday, August 3 from 6-8pm
  • Curated by Black Cube's Cortney Stell
2017 08 02 15 10 49image credit: Frankie Toan

PlatteForum has teamed-up with the Black Cube, a nomadic art museum, to mentor the next group of young arts professionals, PlatteForum’s award-winning ArtLab interns. Black Cube’s Executive Director + Chief Curator, Cortney Stell, is working with the ArtLab interns throughout the summer to curate and present the Temple Artists Group Exhibition, which will feature the work of Temple building studio artists Drew Austin, Taylor Balkissoon, Carol Browning, Kahlil Cezanne, Christopher Perez, Thomas Evans (DETOUR), Sandra Fettingis, Jason Lee Gimbel, Xavian Lahey, Viviane Le Courtois, Katie Martineau-Caron, Suchitra Mattai, Lewis Neeff, Lori Owicz, George P Perez, Karen Roehl, Regan Rosburg, Dylan Scholinsk and Frankie Toan, among others.

2400 Curtis St
Suite 100
Denver, CO 80205
Tue-Sat: Noon - 6:00 PM



The Temple Artists Group Exhibition will be fully curated by PlatteForum’s ArtLab, under Stell’s tutelage. In working with Ms. Stell, the ArtLab interns, many of whom have recently graduated from high school and are setting out for the first time in their careers, have learned valuable professional skills. PlatteForum boasts a 99.97% high school graduation rate of its interns, and the practical skills attained through organizing this exhibition will follow them long into their professional lives.

The exhibition will feature three different zones, each curated and managed by a group of ArtLab interns, created within PlatteForum’s gallery space. The zones will explore stereotypes and tendencies of society to strip personal identity, how we experience human senses and emotion in different ways, how we respond to strangeness when it intersects with the familiar, and more.

Black Cube is a nonprofit, experimental art museum that operates nomadically. Without the traditional boundaries of a physical building, Black Cube exists primarily through partnering with their artist fellows to commission pop up art experiences. Black Cube is an unconventional museum pursuing the most effective ways to engage audiences while supporting individual artists with critical professional guidance. For more information, visit www.blackcubeart.org.

The Temple Artists Group Exhibition is made possible in part by a generous grant from the Bonfils Stanton Foundation.

The Temple Artists Group Exhibition is part of the new programming PlatteForum launched with the Temple artists in Spring 2017. This calendar of lectures and exhibitions was launched to promote community and diversity in Denver, pairing creatives from the Temple with Denver change agents to challenge injustice and champion equality. To date, the series has featured topics ranging from gentrification, to the impact of sensory impairment on art experiences, to how the common grocery store unites strangers. Fall 2017 programming will be announced at a later date.

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