The Mix, annual show featuring Rachel Basye, Willi Eggerman, Nancy Enyart, Victoria Eubanks, Jennifer Ghormley, Pat Lickly, Aliki McCain and Paula Romero Schmitt

Niza Knoll Gallery

April 21 – June 3, 2017

  • Opening Reception: Friday April 21st from 5-8pm
Willi Eggerman Siembra
Willi Eggerman - Siembra

Niza Knoll Gallery
915 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204


Since opening, 7 years ago The Mix Co-op gallery has been a hidden delight at the back of Niza Knoll Gallery in Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe. Each year, the art created by members of The Mix spills over into the entire gallery space for their Annual Show. The exhibit always feels fresh and alive, highlighting the skill of this diverse yet complimentary group of artists who present works of clay, encaustic, printmaking, painting and more. This year they are excited to welcome Rachel Basye back into The Mix as well as new artists, Willi Eggerman and Jennifer Ghormley. The exhibit runs April 21 – June 3 with a public Artists Reception Third Friday, April 21 from 5-8.

The current roster of members include Rachel Basye, Willi Eggerman, Nancy Enyart, Victoria Eubanks, Jennifer Ghormley, Pat Lickly, Aliki McCain and Paula Romero Schmitt. All members will be participating in this exhibit.

Rachel Basye works primarily with light sensitive polymer plates which allow her to create plates with extremely fine details. She incorporates paper and other elements into her pieces through a process called chine colle, which allows her to add textures beyond what ink alone can do. In addition to making two dimensional prints, she also has explored book forms and enjoys the physical interaction a book requires of the viewer. Her work has focused on the themes of family history, womanhood and nature and the idea of place as displayed through maps.

Willi Eggerman has worked with clay for over thirty years. This medium presents vast opportunities in expression, endless possibilities in form and finish. Eggerman embraces this. She continues to make the functional ware that drew her into the medium originally but has been sculpting as well for the past decade. The female figure and botanical nature are common themes in her work. Eggerman uses several firing methods, multiple firings and often includes mixed media and encaustic into her sculpture. Eggerman continually adds to her range of clay techniques and skills and immerses her whole being into the challenge of each undertaking. Willi is a long time member of the Boulder Potters' Guild and teaches in Boulder at her studio and at the Pottery Lab.

Nancy Enyart uses clay to make real the things that live only in her imagination – humans with horns, stylized animals carrying passengers, exotic water figures. Her challenge is to make the pieces reflect the malleability of the clay even after they are ‘hardened’ by kiln firing. Though they are strong, they are not rigid, and her hope is that the softness of the original clay remains obvious, where her fingers touched and the clay responded. This year, after hearing about the rapid decrease in elephant populations, she decided to make a statement and has created 101 ceramic elephants for the show.

Victoria Eubanks loves the physicality of working with encaustic and the way it involves all her senses. She is drawn to the tactile nature of melting encaustic wax medium, mixing colors and textures, layering the wax on and scraping it away. She loves the exuberance of it all. Her newest series, Sit, will be featured in the Mix Annual Show. Inspired by two old handmade chairs, the pieces are a reflection on sitting; perhaps with old friends, or in self-absorbed daydreaming or in playful group dynamics. Victoria encourages you to explore your own interpretation of what it means to sit. She has included the "two old chairs" as part of the exhibit.

Jennifer Ghormley is an artist who employs a variety of techniques in her translation of ideas into works of art, though printmaking, digital prints on fabric, and sit-specific installations. She received her MFA in 2006 from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln and her BFA in 2002 from Metropolitan State College of Denver. Jennifer actively shows her work through national juried exhibitions and invitations. Ms. Ghormley has taught at MSCD, Arapahoe Community College, CU and other arts organizations along the Colorado front range. Currently, Jennifer is faculty for the University of Denver, Art Student's League, Art Garage, and is on the artist's roster for Think 360 Arts. This spring she has a residency at the Museum of Outdoor Art, and this summer she will enjoy a residency at the Tin Shop in the Breckenridge Arts District.

Pat Lickly has been involved with the ceramic medium for over 10 years, and her latest work includes mixed media, incorporating ceramics, metals, acrylics and collage. For her the creative process is always expanding and has a spiritual flow of discovery. After graduating from CSU with a degree in art in the liberated 60's, she honed her creative skills as a graphic designer and art director in the corporate world. With her traditional career behind her, she relishes the freedom to ride with the flow of her creative instincts.

Aliki McCain is a Denver artist who built and oversaw the running of ArtHaus Gallery in RiNo for five years. She currently houses her creative space at 910 Arts in the Art District on Santa Fe. She obtained her Masters of Fine Art and her Bachelors in Art History at University of California Irvine. As an artist she is interested in the human condition and examines these relationships in her work. Aliki studied as a photorealist drawer but currently challenges herself to see things abstractly and solve problems organically in the painting process. “Recently I have found that the medium is not so important. What is of concern is solving the creative challenge with the most effective materials available to me. This has rekindled a new excitement in the creative process”.

Paula Romero Schmitt has been a working artist for the past twenty years. She is inspired by nature and architecture, capturing the texture and line of forms. She uses white clays bodies, mason stains and glazes to help emphasize the surfaces of her work. Her inspiration comes from animals, landscapes and old buildings. She feels that we are closely connected to our environment and hopes to honor it in her work and tries to convey a sense of character in each of her subjects.

Niza Knoll Gallery, celebrating its seventh year, specializes in intriguing conceptual exhibits. The gallery, located at 915 Santa Fe Drive in Denver's Art District on Santa Fe, hosts first and third Friday events, monthly salons, private concerts and guest speakers. Past exhibits have included unusual artist pairings, outsider art, collaborative work, thought provoking thematic exhibits of artists using non- traditional media. Regular gallery hours are Wednesday-Friday 1-5 pm, Saturday 1-4, First and Third Friday 4-8 pm. The Mix Co-op in the back of the gallery is also open for visitors during regular hours. For more information, visit The gallery number is 303-953-1789 or email Niza directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the fastest response.

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