Printers 5

Featuring Lisa Gakyo Schaewe, Jennifer Ghormley, Lydia Riegle, Debra Rosenbaum and Chris Warot

Niza Knoll Gallery

March 10 - April 14, 2018

  • Artist Reception: Third Friday March 16, from 5-8 pm
  • Part of Denver's Mo’Print Month of Printmaking: 
nkDebra Rosenbaum - Mixed media/monotype

The Month of Printmaking (Mo’ Print) is a biennial celebration of the art of making original prints to inspire, educate and promote awareness through a variety of public events and exhibitions in the Denver metropolitan area, the Front Range region, and throughout Colorado. Having participated since its inception, Niza Knoll Gallery is joining this effort again with an exhibit of local artists. Lisa Gakyo Schaewe, Jennifer Ghormley, Lydia Riegle, Debra Rosenbaum and Chris Warot will showcase their personal printing style in the exhibit entitled “Printers 5”.

Niza Knoll Gallery
915 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204


Lydia Reigle has discovered that her printmaking informs painting and her painting informs printmaking. She finds that the specific printing techniques— solar plate etching, mono-prints, chine colle, viscosity rolls and monotypes—are also different languages that with focused creativity and a little bit of magic, create wonderful surprises and richly complex outcomes.

Printmaking can be a very structured process, but monotypes are loose, spontaneous and exploratory. For Deb Rosenbaum this process allows her to work in a series, playing with the same image in a variety of ways. Drawing and collaging onto the prints adds additional content and texture into her work while she explores processes of memory and her own narratives.

Lisa Gakyo Schaewes’s Aspen and Dragonfly Series reflects on the devastation of recent forest fires by her home, nature’s reclamation of the land and the resiliency of the Aspen trees amid the charred landscape. The dragonfly, while not a frequent visitor to the high altitude mountain woods, is associated with change and transformation and symbolizes adaptability. Her monotype stencil prints suit these subjects because just as each walk in the forest is always a little different from the last, even when following the same path, each time these stencils are run though the press, the result is unique. 

Jennifer Ghormley’s artwork is an introspective analysis of the presence of the human body; through tracing the history of touch, physical sensation, and emotional interactions, her intention is to explore, engage, and express our corporeal reality. The human body represents an infinite terrain for exploration, analysis, and inspection. Working with various processes of printmaking, drawing, photography, installations, paper, fabric, thread, sewing and staining, her artwork evokes a sensual and mysterious response. She received her Masters of Fine Arts, emphasis in Printmaking from the University of Nebraska, and Bachelor of Fine Arts, emphasis in Printmaking from Metro State of Denver. She has been an Artist in Residence at Redline, Museum of Outdoor Arts, Children's Museum of Denver, and is currently an Affiliate Instructor at the University of Denver, and University of Colorado at Boulder.

Chris Warot puts a lot of work and thought into creating his art. With most of his art being experimental, he has found that his ideas and artistic concepts progress naturally when he is not caught up in the conventions of failure and success. His belief is that the basic purpose of art is to capture ones attention and that when he has captured his own attention, he has succeeded.