Lauren O’Conner and Mark Friday: New Beginnings

Niza Knoll Gallery

February 3 - March 11, 2017

  • First Friday Art Walk: February 3, 5-9pm
  • Artists Reception: Third Friday, February 17, 5-8 pm
LaurenOConner2Lauren O’Conner

As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’ treasure. Nothing is more true when found objects, get into the hands of artists like Lauren O’Conner and Mark Friday. Their creations often begin with the discovery of an otherwise un-noteworthy object that may spark an idea, and with the addition of more objects is translated into an entirely unpredictable work of art. Friday’s are constructed into quirky modernist robot forms or mysterious contraptions. O’Connor combines her contemporary, assemblage aesthetic with a traditional approach to still life painting.

Local Denver Artist Mark Friday is a teacher at the Art Students League of Denver. His collection of quirky constructions, both wall hung and free-standing, are formed with a similar additive approach. Some are figurative, heads and bodies that resemble automatons, modernist robot forms, while others appear as gizmos, contraptions, and devices of unknown purpose. The materials used are discarded, unwanted and broken down objects such as bird cages, croquet sets, and cheese graters all scrounged from junk yards, alleys, antique and thrift stores. From a stock pile of curious objects, Friday transforms surplus materials and gives them new beginnings as sculptural objects.

O'Connor also works at Denver’s Art Students League. Her small sculptures are constructed of found objects, recyclables, trash and collected plant matter bring new life to the objects and a figurative, gestural quality to the painting. For O'Connor, these sculptures serve as catalysts for painterly moments and aesthetic dilemmas. Though they start out as meaningless, discarded objects, O'Connor transforms them into images that have spatial tension, figurative drama, and define a new beginning.

Niza Knoll Gallery
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