Throw My Ashes Into the Sea: New Works by Daisy Patton

Creative Destruction: New Works by Margaret Lawless (Project Space Gallery)

Michael Warren Contemporary

January 24, 2017 – March 4, 2017

  • Artist Reception w/ Daisy Patton: Friday, January 27 (6-8pm)
  • First Friday Art Walk: February 3 (6-9pm)
  • Artist Talk with Daisy McGowan (Director of the Gallery of Contemporary Art at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs): Saturday, February 4 (3-5pm)
  • Third Friday Art Reception: February 17 (6-8pm)
  • First Friday Art Walk: March 3 (6-9pm)
Untitled (A Bulgarian Funeral) by Daisy Patton, 80”x140” oil on enlarged photograph, mounted on panel

Daisy and Henry, photo by Ken Hamel/

Michael Warren Contemporary (MWC) is pleased to present “Throw My Ashes Into the Sea,” a showcase of new work by Daisy Patton. This is the gallery’s 2nd exhibition of Daisy Patton’s ongoing series “Forgetting is So Long.” Patton collects abandoned photographs and then enlarges them beyond their familiar size, before painting over them. These individual photos and family portraits had been discarded, so when she collects them they are detached from any point of reference, leaving them to straddle the lines between non-existent memory and a suggested identity. By painting over them, Patton draws attention to the essence of being and and re-enlivens them with a newly imagined existence.

In the Project Space Gallery: “Creative Destruction,” a showcase of new work by Margaret Lawless.

Creative destruction is a term used by economists to describe a process of innovation that consequentially replace previous iterations. Margaret Lawless uses this pattern of building and tearing down as both the process for creating her work and also the subject. Lawless creates for us a snapshot of the conditions of our modern society in which old buildings are replaced by the new, and previously conceived technologies are rendered obsolete by new advances. Margaret Lawless further uses this idea as a methodology for creating her artwork: building one layer on top of another. Lawless collages, draws and paints one layer over another; she then covers over the entire work before beginning a process of sanding it back down to create something entirely new while revealing the old.

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