Jeff Klapperich: “Metamorphosis: Transmutations”

Mike Wright Gallery

March 10 - 31, 2017

Mike Wright Gallery is pleased to present “Metamorphosis: Transmutations,” a Month of Photography solo show by Colorado native Jeff Klapperich. This exhibition represents a culmination of Klapperich’s multidisciplinary studies, transforming the human figure into elemental abstractions of shape, color and texture, using photographic and ceramic materials with a focus on their inherent alchemical properties.

A Colorado native now living in Brooklyn, Jeff Klapperich has spent the last decade specially developing a complex, multistage process involving drawing and ceramics, ultimately producing an analogue photograph combining the two. This unique process was dramatically showcased at Mike Wright Gallery during Denver's 2015 Month of Photography with series “Metamorphosis,” an exploration of the phenomenon of change in the cosmos, in nature, in art and in human life through its inclusion of these various mediums.

Klapperich's unique and complicated process starts with a photo of a figure in a studio. From this he creates a drawing and a crude, ceramic sculpture, allowing him to accentuate or oppose the forms that are present in the original image. The clay has an infinite number of textures and a capacity for dimension while remaining structural and anonymous. The final photograph is an image of the sculpture captured using creative techniques in lighting and exposure and shot through acetate paintings in a large format camera. “With each step of the process, the image is altered, getting further from the reality of the model but closer to an artistic truth,” says Klapperich.

Mike Wright Gallery
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