New Regionalisms: Contemporary Art in the Western States

McNichols Civic Center Building

Boettcher Cultural Pavilion, 2nd Floor

January 13 - April 8, 2018

Lui Ferreyra 89014246a8
Lui Ferreyra, Coincidentia Oppositorum 4, oil on canvas, 48" x 72"

From the group of artists represented by Denver's William Havu Gallery, art critic Michael Paglia has selected a group of contemporary artists active in Colorado and other Western states. The artists chosen for inclusion in New Regionalisms work in a wide array of stylistic modes. Interestingly, many of these artists, not only those who are interested in representation, but also those who work abstractly, typically infuse their pieces with what could be called Western content, if only because they are, by definition, Western artists living in the region. Selected artists hail from Colorado, but also from other Western states including New Mexico, Wyoming, Arizona and Texas. Considering the Western core of New Regionalisms, there are the expected contemporary takes on the landscape, the main current of art in the West for more than a century, as well as abstract work that ranges from expressionist to hard-edged, likewise trading in Western themes.

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