You're Lines. Your Lines: New Works by Meeg Conroy


March 3 - 31, 2017

  • Opening Reception: Friday March 3rd at 7pm

This March we are oh so pleased to be playing host to Meeg Conroy's newest body of work! "You're Lines. Your Lines" is an exploration of the films and quotes that have influenced her outlook, style and expression. Meeg's work employs the use of geometric patterns and contour lines to make beautiful, kinetic and complex eye candy.

Guided by the films of Jim Henson, this new collection focuses on the wonder and electricity felt when meeting new faces, establishing new connections. Meeg's show hopes to open a dialogue between strangers/new friends through the magic of mail! She asks that those wanting to take part in the interactive portion of the event submit a mailing address which can then be transcribed onto stamped envelopes. These will then be available at the reception, you can then begin your new pen pal relationship with someone you would have never met otherwise. Exciting!!!

"You're Lines. Your Lines" opens on March 3rd at 7pm. So you join us for what promises to be a lovely evening filled with giggles, exciting opportunities and adult beverages.

38 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203



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