Plotting Coordinates for the Underground West

Visions West Contemporary

July 27 — August 27, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Friday July 27st from 6-8pm
Ishi Glinsky - Nick, Drawn by Himself, 45-x-71"

Visions West Contemporary presents Plotting Coordinates for the Underground West featuring Ishi Glinsky, known for his large-scale ledger drawings on paper, Matthew Mullins and Sculptor Carly Glovinski

Ishi Glinsky, a talented sculptor, painter and installation artist, who works and resides in Los Angeles. Glinsky's work is often inspired by his materials, both industrial and organic, formed through handmade methods. Each work is investigations into resourcefulness, permanence or continual evolution, all dependent upon the chosen material and its considered composition. While continuing to navigate through historical events and ephemera of North American Native tribes, Glinsky’s work becomes a fusion of intertribal celebration and material exploration. As a primarily self-taught artist, Glinsky investigates traditional techniques of his tribe, the Tohono O’odham Nation, as well as other Nations to create contemporary homages to sacred events and practices.

Matthew Mullins, a Santa Fe artist works to create a harmonious relationship for the viewer that is often lost in today’s culture. He believes that people are part of nature, but because we are so focused on individuality we forget about our connection with nature. Mullins’ work reminds us of our connection with the outdoors and reinstills the idea that we find unity with nature. His series emphasizes the connection between the micro and macro shifting the focus off the individual.

Carly Glovinski has one main goal with her art work, she makes invisible daily objects, a non-ignorable part of our life experience through her pieces. Her art is rooted in observation, of mostly simple objects, and transforms it into something worth noticing. She takes devalued every-day objects and makes them extraordinary by refocusing on the deeper significance of the design and beauty of the object through her interpretation. Glovinski often separates materials from their original functions which is simultaneously used to create connections behind her works. She explains, “By dissecting, duplicating and mimicking the objects, underlying patterns and organizing systems that make up the backdrop of our lives, I seek to expose a universal fabric that binds us all.” Visions West contemporary is excited to show Glovinski’s work and have the experience of discovering new meaning in ordinary objects.

Visions West Contemporary
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