Johnny DeFeo: Even When You’re Not Sure, Something Out There Knows Right Where You Are

Carly Glovinski: Carry In / Carry Out

September 6 - October 12, 2019

  • Opening Reception: Friday, September 6th, 6-8 pm
Johnny Defeo, Rainbow Wolf, tufted yarn wall hanging, 51" x 62"
Carly Glovinski, Leisure Weave 26, ink and correction fluid on woven vellum and bristol, 20" x 16"

Johnny DeFeo’s new body of work is comprised primarily of landscape scenes, most of which include animals. Often, the perspective expressed in these scenes is that of the wildlife portrayed, shifting the subject away from a human vantage point and revealing the mysteries of the natural world. Imagining that the creatures inhabiting America’s wilderness could be storytellers through objects and images the way that humans can, these objects portray the natural world with a tender perspective, and with mystical and legendary qualities. The moments DeFeo chooses to portray are sacred and primordial, as if they are the cultural documents of forest dwellers. These scenes don’t involve humankind, and have been taking place long before we existed or were paying attention. DeFeo reminds us that waterfalls don’t turn off at night. Elk lock antlers without camera crews around to capture them. Sometimes, a wolf will be struck by a rainbow hanging in the mist over a gorge and will stop to marvel at his surroundings.

Works in Carly Glovinski’s solo exhibition at Visions West Contemporary (Denver), Carry in / Carry out, reference objects found in domestic space, and other bear references to outdoor leisure activities. Rag rugs, nature books, beach chairs and puzzles are some of the common objects that serve as a jumping off point for the work. The title also references the in and out rhythmic quality of weaving, as well as the play between positive and negative space.

Visions West Contemporary
2605 Walnut St.
Denver, CO 80205