Stephen Austin: The Atmosphere

Valkarie Gallery

January 9 - February 2, 2019

Stephen Austin - Rotation

The Atmosphere -- a one-man show at the ValKarie Galley in the Belmar Center in Lakewood -- consists of eleven large canvases by Colorado artist, Stephen Austin. These paintings depict a multitude of atmospheric phenomena in states of dynamic, restless movement of often complex geometric arrangements of multi-layered shapes. The predominantly vertical orientation of the paintings compliments the upward, weightless movement of clouds. The tightly rendered, exquisitely intricate forms mimic the chaotic dance of air currents but could easily represent all manner of physical forces within our universe.

Stephen AustinĂ­s paintings adhere to basic elements of color and design, as well as a highly developed eye for composition. The rigidity of geometry might seem to present a problem of coldness and impermeability not commonly associated with phenomena as ethereal as clouds and gases. Yet flying in the face of this logic, the viewer is drawn into genuine intimacy with the painting through the clever combination of the use of scale and visual complexity. Here a drama is played out on an infinite expanse of sky.

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