Rat Tales: 5th Annual Chinese New Year Invitational

Valkarie Gallery

January 22 - Febraury 23, 2020

  • Opening Reception: Saturday, January 25, 5 - 10pm
  • First Friday Art Walk: Friday, February 7, 5 - 9pm
Keith Oelschlager

Now in our fifth year with over 70 different artists participating this continues to be our biggest event of the year!  Each artist has created a piece on an 8"x8" panel to the theme of the rat and some have included the element for the year - metal.

Artists: Mike Graves, Mark Penner Howell, Aria Fawn, Evan Lorenzen, Ryan Morse, Abram Aleo Bebo, Travis Gillan, Kaitlin Ziesmer, Valerie Savarie, John Van Horn, Mallory Hart, Gabe Wells, Tiffany Rainey, Colleen Tully, Elena Gunderson, A.K. Westerman, Ben Burtoni, Brandan Styles, Ellie Rusinova, Moeh Haywood, Tom Sarmo, Kayla Edgar, Johanna Mueller, Lisa Luree, Cody Kuehl, Zachary Reece, Rob Jordan, Karen Watkins, Mowgli, Richard Ingersoll, Lisa Adams, Danyl Cook, Dorothy DePaulo, Betsy $B Rudolph, Jane Falkenberg, Amanda Vela-Charbonneau, Mac Corliss, Ray Munoz, Joe Oliver, Claudia Roulier, Katie Hoffman, Tony Steck, Myah Mazcara, Nicole Grosjean, Naomi Wiener, Kathryn Petroff, Matt Doubek, Miki Harder, Kim Anderson, Justin CabezaDevaca, Keith Oelschalger, Lauri Muhonen, Craig "Pepper" DeLuca, Laura Imbler, BangCreated!, Christy Lynne Seving, Brian Judge, David Hobbs, JxRxKx, Laura Garabedian, Ben Walling, Jennifer Hudak, Ricardo E. Martinez, J.D. Pruitt, Jhenn Whalen, Megan Morgan, Eric Hylland, Jill Mustoffa, Alex Taylor, Olivia Newman and if the post office gets its sh*t together, Sharon Eisley

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