Harlequin Night by Knomad Colab

The STOREROOM: a storefront window at 1700 Vine St. in Denver

November 10, 2018 - January 31, 2019

  • Opening Reception: Saturday, November 10, 2018, 6-8pm
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Vine St. Pub and Brewery is excited to announce a new art installation and exhibition space - The STOREROOM - in a formerly empty storefront on 17th St., adjacent to Vine St. Pub, and it’s first art installation, Harlequin Night, by artist team Knomad Colab.

Casting a layered array of colorful shadows inspired by the harlequin archetype, Harlequin Night will temporarily illuminate The STOREROOM, bringing to life a forgotten and underutilized space. Elements of sculpture in combination with traditional theater lighting techniques will activate the entirety of the space as a three-dimensional painting, offering a moment of both delight and reflection for passersby. Harlequin Night is best viewed between 5pm and 1am.

The vision of The STOREROOM is to work with artists and Denver property owners to activate empty storefronts in Denver. Artists with a passion for engaging with the public and across diverse audiences, for creating work that is visually stunning and innovative, and for adding insight and whimsy to the neighborhood are offered a space to install temporary art installations. “Giving artists a space to create and display new works, or existing works that need a temporary home, The STOREROOM allows artists to share their voice outside of the gallery and museum world,” said Vine St. Pub owner Kevin J. Daly, adding, “especially in this current political and social climate, it was important for us to share space with the creative community and encourage other businesses to do the same.”

About The STOREROOM: The STOREROOM is a new art installation and exhibition space in a former empty storefront adjacent to the Vine St. Pub and Brewery. This space is open for artists to create installation artworks in an empty storeroom that is viewable to the public along 17th St. For more information, or to have your artwork considered for the space, please contact Brendan Picker at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also find us on Instagram @storeroomdenver and on Facebook at The Storeroom.

About Knomad Colab: Knomad Colab is a collaborative duo that seeks to transform the spaces in which we exist through the creation of site-specific public art interactions and interventions. Environment, site history, and cultural identity are important elements in shaping each installation as a unique art experience. Exploring the outdoors as both an unconventional canvas and gallery space, the duo are typically drawn to natural, abandoned, and industrial sites. To bring their concepts to life, they employ the science of imaginary solutions along with graphic design, material fabrication, and lighting design. Often offering art only as an intangible, temporary experience, the Knomad Colab work contemplates impermanence through reverence for history and celebration of progress.