Space Annex

May 23 - July 13, 2019

  • Grand Opening: Thursday May 23rd from 5-10pm
  • Special Performance By Hannah Kahn Dance Company at 8pm
 Please join us for an epic celebration for the grand opening of our new gallery - Space Annex. We've transformed an old warehouse in the historic Baker Neighborhood into a beautiful setting to showcase our talented artists. This inaugural exhibit will serve as a marker of things to come. We invited all of our artists to create one special piece for the opening and we can't wait to share them with you.

Featuring New Work By: Marks Aardsma, Patricia Aaron, Monica Aiello, Tyler Aiello, Robin Ault, Steven Baris, Pattie Lee Becker, Heather Bentz, Ramon Bonilla, Paul Brokering, Frea Buckler, Judy Campbell, Taiko Chandler, Nancy Charak, Diane Cionni, Rimas Ciurlionis, Jodie Roth Cooper, Jeff Curry, Haze Diedrich, Madeleine Dodge Graeme Duncan, Paul Ecke, Miguel Edwards, Tony Ellis, Joshua Enck, Anthony Falcetta, Marcus Fitzgibbons, Karen Freedman, Amber George, Jane Guthridge, Michael Hedges Howard Hersh, Ruth Hiller, Scott Holdeman, Anna Elise, Jeff Juhlin, Nancy Koenigsberg, Wendy Kowynia, Karine Léger Virginia Maitland, David Marshall, Frank Martinez, Hyland Mather Joanne Mattera, Skyler Mcgee, Diane Mcgregor, Lewis Mcinnis, Ian Mclaughlin, Yianni Mellios, Jean Pierre Morin, Connor O’donnell, Sue Oehme, Regula Onstad, Corey Postiglione, Lisa Purdy, Mike Rand, Lynda Ray, Sangeeta Reddy, Rebecca Rutstein, Julia Sanders, Karen Scharer, Ben Schwab Stephen Shachtman, Bill Snider, Betsy Stewart, William Stoehr Krista Svalbonas, Sharon Swidler, Cuong Ta, Philip Tarlow, Debra Van Tuinen, Jeff Wenzel, Jeff Glode Wise, John Wood, Charles Wooldridge, Nick Young

Space Annex
95 S. Cherokee St
Denver, CO 80223