New Works by Matt Flint

SmithKlein Gallery

December 7 - 31, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Friday December 7th from 2-6pm
skIn That Light 60" x 48"

Matt creates layered paintings in mixed media and oil or ink. His very textured paintings can contain gold or copper leaf, encaustic, oil paint, and/or ink and are painted on wood panel. Matt's show will run through the end of the month of December. In That Light 60" x 48" About the artist: Matt is a painter from a mountain town in Wyoming. He grew up in a rural setting in Missouri surrounded by woods, animals, and family. As a boy, he spent hours wandering outside, carefully observing textures in a rock formation, or spying on a deer, peeking in a birds nest, marveling at sunsets and sunrises, climbing trees, and watching the changing landscape. As an adult, Matt spends his time with his family, painting, and exploring the rugged Wind River Mountains that overlook his house and studio. Matt’s early contact with all things natural has become the core of how he understands and processes what’s around him. Living in Wyoming for the last 15 years has had a profound effect on his work. The history, space, sense of isolation, and wildness of the land continues to amaze, mystify, and inspires him.

SmithKlein Gallery
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