Tripper Dungan: Smallest Giant in the World

Sally Centigrade Gallery

August 1 - October 5 2019

  • Opening Reception: Thursday August 1st from 5-9:30pm
  • Solo Show & Installation, includes "THE BEAST" A Man Sized Claw!!!!
m88t image16
Carnivals, sideshows, trained dog acts, roadside attractions, and novelty hucksters have always caught my attention. Of course they do. That’s the only reason they still exist. It’s part of their survival mechanism. They grab my attention for another reason though. The invitation they give is not just to look, it’s to imagine, almost to be tricked, but you’re also invited to belong in their reality for the moment. You know it’s a joke, and a piece of theatre, an intentionally transparent slight of hand. In fact the curtain is left open enough that you can see the “wizard” pulling the levers if you wish. The deal is, don’t be afraid to be a fool. Don’t forget the fool is the risk taker, the trend setters. Laugh at me, laugh at my work, laugh at yourself and enjoy yourself. The Shortest Giant in the world has the corners of his lips turned up. What are you waiting for? Snap the picture. No one will believe you if you don’t.

Sally Centigrade Gallery
445 S. Saulsbury St.Unit E
Lakewood, CO 80226