Myah Mazcara: For Your Protection

Solo Show & Installation

Sally Centigrade Art Gallery

July 11 - 27, 2019

  • Opening Reception Thursday July 11th 5-9:30
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Show Includes a 5 Foot Tall Eyeball that Dispenses Art! Skulls! Crows! Pills! So Much More!! For Your Protection is Myah Bailey's first solo show since 2012, and a dramatic departure in style and content from her previous shows. The show includes a pink eyeball room installation, complete with a 5 foot tall eyeball that dispenses smaller eyeballs as well as number of painted crow sculptures and more than a dozen new paintings.

Myah reports that a 3 headed raven has been regularly visiting the gallery, and that it is an omen of bad luck for the entire Front Range.

Out of love for her neighbors, she has been painting tirelessly for months because it is well documented that the only way for the people of the region to protect themselves is by purchasing one of her eye pieces (which are the not only good luck, but can also offset any bad energy brought by the raven).

The artist will be on hand to bestow good wishes on all visitors at the opening reception, drinks will be served and as always the gallery will include a multitude of prints from some of the most popular artists in the lowbrow / pop surreal genre.

Sally Centigrade Art Gallery
445 S. Saulsbury St., Unit E
Lakewood, CO 80226