Three Concurrent Solo Exhibitions:

Christian Rex Van Minnen: Paintings, sculptures and monotypes

Kiki Smith: Tapestries and prints

Fred Stonehouse: Paintings, drawings and prints

Two Person Exhibition: Sculpture by Terry Maker and Walter Robinson

Robischon Gallery

September 19 – November 9, 2019

  • Opening Reception for the Artists: Thursday, September 19 from 6 – 8 pm
Christian Rex van Minnen - Parallaxt - oil on linen - 72 x 48 inches

Robischon Gallery is pleased to present concurrent solo exhibitions featuring Christian Rex van Minnen (CA), Kiki Smith (NY) and Fred Stonehouse (WI) alongside a two-person exhibition of work by Terry Maker (CO) and Walter Robinson (NM). Through their varied contemporary investigations of the otherwise traditional modes of still life, figuration and narrative-based vocabularies, each of the five artists on view address the complexity of the modern world from a surprising stance.

With dark wit and astonishing imagery, van Minnen, Smith, Stonehouse, Maker and Robinson create their disruptive and disarming subjects primarily utilizing familiar materials of making: oil painting on canvas, linen or panel; drawing and prints including monotype, lithograph, etching, aquatint and dry-point; Jacquard tapestries and through a range of sculptural means from carved wood to found elements. The recognized artists uniquely navigate within their chosen arenas, in distinctive ways to unexpectedly merge disparate aspects via an uncommon or provocative manner – from mesmerizing floral bouquets and absurdist tattooed curiosities, to tender flora and fauna rendered in an alien yet fairytale-like manner, to a saddled taxidermic warthog carrying a larger-than-life hourglass on its back. The three, concurrent solo exhibitions and the two-person presentation offer entry into locations of unsettling beauty, layered humor and insight, along with a broader sense of culture and nature.

Through an outrageous and masterful approach, artists van Minnen, Smith, Stonehouse, Maker and Robinson create an opportunity for the viewer to psychologically reconsider the varied visual languages of art history and cross-cultural conflicts, often in tandem with the natural world, as each unexpected exhibition alludes to both a personal and universal search for meaning within the larger world that surrounds.

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