Substructure and Narrative: Multi-Media Work by Merry Cox and Jamie Lang

Plinth Gallery

November 1 - December 20, 2019

  • Opening Reception: First Friday, November 1 from 6pm-9pm
CoxMerry Cox "Fender" ceramic, glaze, found metal parts" 26" x 15"

Our last exhibition for 2019, "Substructure and Narrative" features the work of 2 artists, Merry Cox and Jamie Lang. Both are mixed media artists using ceramic based materials in different ways.

Salida based artist Merry Cox has been involved with making art for many years, ranging from hand-painted functional ceramics, paper and fabric items, and currently, to mixed media sculptural objects. Combining detritus scavenged locally with brightly glazed ceramic birds, these 3-dimentional collages are her interpretations of the imagined narratives of others. The artist's work " gives new life to someone's old things, folding them into my ideas of the wild, the open and the uninhabited just to make the world slightly more joyful." Concerned with a sustainable future, her work is grounded in the outdoor environment. She recognizes the co-dependence of different species, such as pollinators, bees, and human kind to the survival of our planet.

Jamie Lang is a mixed media artist living in St. Paul Minnesota. He works with adobe, a dried brick made with sand, clay, straw or grass. He forms the adobe into thick tiles or bricks, and uses them as modular elements for creating larger pieces. The surfaces are painted with layers of encaustics, which are pigments mixed with hot wax. Layers of this material are built up, parts subtly removed, more material added, photo images layered into the wax, all deftly worked to evidence a worn appearance. The artist "examines notions of time and memory," referencing architectural structures and ornamentation in urban/rural landscapes.

Plinth Gallery Curator Jonathan Kaplan notes that "there is a common thread that winds through both artists work, place making and home. Whether it is by using "the discarded details of people's lives" as in Merry Cox's multi-media constructions, or Lang's adobe constructions that evidence " passage of time and the burying and recovery of memories," the reference to place and home is both subtle yet obvious."

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