Darling Darling: New Ceramic Work By Joshua Clark

Plinth Gallery

February 1 - March 30, 2019

  • Opening Reception: First Friday, February 1st from 6-9pm
For our next two-month exhibition, we are excited to present new ceramic work by artist Joshua Clark. The artist received his Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree from Ohio State University and his Masters of Fine Arts Degree from The Cranbrook Academy of Art. Clark is currently an associate professor of ceramics at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces.

Clark's work is luscious, luminous, full of color and movement almost appearing molten. His work is unconventional in that it defines any traditional ides about ceramics. Using combinations of mixed media materials such as resin, paint, plastic and rubber as well as clay, his art work invites dialog. On one level, his work might suggest a kitsch quality; yet according to cfile writer and critic Bill Rodgers writes that "Clark’s sculptures have a sense of humor carried by just the right amount of chaos, frozen at a point where reality is more like a liquid and its physics are all glitchy. It’s a lot of fun and, like stepping out into the roller rink’s parking lot, conventional life feels just as strange by association. Fundamental properties of matter change as gooey neon liquids are able to support weight piled in a column on top of them. They gleam like porcelain but it feels like I should be able to snap off a piece and eat it like candy. They’re products of a separate reality, something that touches ours just enough so that the differences seem all the more uncanny."

In "Darling Darling", Clark deals with repetition as it might pertain to an object's preciousness. Clark states, "Like a pop song you cannot seem to get out of your head, I am interested in the things that capture our attention for surface reason, but which continue to haunt us for reasons we cannot quite put our finger on. In my practice the subject matter has always come from my daily experiences. A collection of associative experiences that I feel has the potential to communicate something telling about our collective human psychology, specifically as it relates to our desire for aesthetics experiences."

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