Calibration: An exhibition exploring rehabilitation and the body

Featuring Alex Branch


December 14, 2018 - January 26, 2019

Disassembled crutch parts, deconstructed during ArtLab sessions with Resident Artist Alex Branch and ArtLab

Together, for six weeks, Alex Branch and ArtLab have been cutting, drilling, altering the shapes of medical mobility equipment, to create an ensemble of sound sculptures. In addition, Alex has spent time with ArtLab interns discussing the philosophies behind music therapy, and how it's been used throughout history as a rehabilitation modality. They have also obtained and incorporated other medical supplies into sculptural objects. To that end, Branch and the ArtLab interns are creating a musical orchestra from these items – most notably, used aluminum crutches. This exhibition seeks to create a link between the crutch as a medical device and musical instruments as tools for rehabilitation. The title "Calibration" references the ability to tune a body and a musical instrument.

About Alex Branch

Alex Branch is a multidisciplinary artist living in Brooklyn, New York. Her practice is made up of objects, time based pieces, collected sounds, musical architecture, and attempted collaborations with the natural world. Her work has been exhibited in Seattle, Chicago, New Mexico, New York, Texas, Montreal and Wisconsin. She often creates architectural musical sculptures from salvaged materials that dually function as gathering spaces for the communities in which they are built. The spaces she creates often serve as conduits for artists, writers and musicians to experiment with new work and foster collaboration.

About PlatteForum

Founded in 2002, PlatteForum is an innovative arts education and youth development organization serving close to 4,000 inner-city, underserved youth, their families, and the general public. PlatteForum provides in-depth, curriculum-based arts education experiences that meet state educational standards and allow for longer-term mentoring relationships between youth and professional artists who work in residency at PlatteForum. These artist residencies offer time, space, and resources for professional artists to create new work and shape an experience where young people can learn through practice, expanding their sense of what is possible.

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