Scottie Burgess: Filters

Vinni Alfonso: Picture Show

With guest artist Erik Pendergraft

Pirate: Contemporary Art

February 21st – March 8th, 2020

  • Artists’ Reception: Friday February 21st, 6 to 10pm
scottie burgess unearthedScreenScottie Burgess: Unearthed Screen (detail), Twine & Mixed Media, 53″ x 53″ x 9″, 2020

Scottie Burgess distills memories, emotions and moments through Filters, tactile sculptural mediations that leave traces of an introspective process. Like digging in reverse, he finds clarifying moments and ineffable expressions through the histories of manipulated textural layers.

vinni alfonso pictureShowVinni Alfonso: Picture Show (detail), Acrylic, variable dimensions, 2020 Scottie Burgess: Filters

Picture Show utilizes paintings, kinetic installation, video and sculpture to create a narrative that glorifies Form as the main character. A combination of around 2,000 Individual marks dance together as one installation while a highly rendered abstraction looms beyond. Boxes of light reveal obscure silhouettes and floral tapestries flow through space. Like still frames to a moving picture, each piece is a part of an unseen whole, its totality indefinite.

Guest artist Erik Pendergraft

Erik Pendergraft’s work explores the contradictory spaces where discomfort and familiarity coexist. By crossing boundaries between disciplines, Erik infuses themes of humor, violence, and failure into his sculptures, paintings, and performances to invite reflections on societal dilemmas.

Pirate: Contemporary Art
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