Charles Livingston and Robin Hextrum

Pirate: Contemporary Art

September 14 – 30, 2018

  • Opening reception: Friday, September 14, 6-10pm
PirateDAORGCharles Livingston “Catalyst (1,000,000)” and Robin Hextrum “Hybrids” with guest artist Noelle Helmer

Charles Livingston presents Catalyst (1,000,000), a performance/installation and transparent drawings, in the main members space. His work is most often about documenting and quantifying small repeated actions over long periods of time whereby the actions result in a physical accumulation of objects or mark making. The physical actions and processes he designs are meant to trigger meditative and introspective moments that cause internal transformation and increased perceptual awareness. For Catalyst he will have cut over 1,000,000 cross section slices of rubber from thousands of bicycle inner tubes and will perform this interactive slicing ritual on opening night accompanied by music and sound.

In the associate space, Robin Hextrum presents Hybrids. For this recent body of work she portrays animals in abstracted and chaotic environments in order to comment on our unstable social, political and environmental climate. The combination of animal imagery with abstract shapes and unusual colors alludes to the often problematic relationship that forms between natural and constructed worlds. On a formal level, these paintings also explore the arbitrary divisions between representation and abstraction.

Guest artist, Noelle Helmer's series of organic paintings instill a sense of wonder over the smallest moments in the natural world that most can draw from previous experiences. Regardless of one’s capacity of attachment or distance from nature, all share some affection toward a memory or natural occurrence. Be it a freshly snowed forest, the laughter of a shallow stream and its stones, the intricacies of moss, or even just the wonder of encountering a new and strange form of plant life amongst the urban environment.

Pirate: Contemporary Art
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