Image Breaking: New Works by Mauro C. Martinez

Odessa at Collective SML | k

August 3 - September 14, 2018

  • Opening reception: Friday August 3 from 6-10pm
Odessa is pleased to present Image Breaking | New Works by Mauro C. Martinez at their current location, Collective SML | k in Denver, Colorado. Image Breaking finds Mauro C. Martinez at a crossroads. Both relentless and tender, immersive and skeletal, the artist shares his early findings on myth, disruption, and being.

‘I’ve been thinking a lot about how I make and see images lately, both technically and conceptually. I began to encounter unexamined myths and assumptions in my own practice which governed how I made and looked at art. This exhibition uses painting as a vehicle for inquiry, where artist, viewer, subject and material all square off in a relentless search for meaning.’ - Mauro C Martinez

Odessa is a Nomadic Arts Incubator comprised of visual artists with the purpose of investigating new intersections of forward thinking art exhibitions, dynamic storytelling, critical discourse, and community engagement!  For 2018 Odessa has teamed up with Collective SML | k for their first Curatorial Residency!

‘Our biggest goal is to help artists communicate their value to new audience members, to the community at large, and to better tell the artists’ stories, we’re not here to just show work. We’re here to support artists like us.’ - Kristopher Wright

Collective SML | k is an artist-run project space located just south of Santa Fe Art District of Denver, Colorado. It is open for any creative suggestions to make Denver more exciting and supportive art community, however, it also has a focus of promoting Asian and Asian-American art and narratives.

Collective SML | k
430 Santa Fe Dr.
Denver CO
Wednesday - Saturday: 12-6 PM