Sumi-e Painting: Traditional and Emerging Expressions

Niza Knoll Gallery

September 7 - October 20, 2018

  • Juror: Mamiko Ikeda
  • Artist Reception and Sumi-e Demonstration by Richard Eversley: Friday, September 21, 5-8pm​
  • The Art of Brunch ArtWalk: Sunday, September 30, 11am - 3pm​
  • Exhibiting artists: Michele Benzamin-Miki, Jess Beyler, Lisa Calzavara, Laura Beth Collier, Erin Gilbert, Jan Janas, Julie Keaten-Reed, Christina Kwan, Aaron LaDuke, Diana Lomeihing, Kurisutein Lopusnak, Brenda Luckin, Monica McElwain, Meridith McPherson, Orianna Montenegro, Lynne Riding, Elizabeth Schowachert, Tanzanight, Chris Troutman, Marilyn Wells and Diane Williams

Aaron LaDuke

Niza Knoll Gallery is now showing Sumi-e Painting / Traditional and Emerging Expressions Juried Exhibition through October 20, 2018. The gallery called for artists nationwide to explore techniques in creating Sumi-e or Far East Asian influenced fine art with ink, water color, and or acrylic mediums. Submissions could be representational, expressionist, nature base and or abstract. Honoring tradition, pushing the limits building on tradition and exploring possibilities to arrive at the art is the focus of this show.

Juror Mamiko Ikeda, from Tokyo, Japan, is a cultural educator and multi-media artist who mainly creates calligraphy art, prints, and animation. She states, "...when I think of ‘Far East Asian’ influence in art pieces, I see flow, balance, and most importantly, ‘間 (Ma)’ or space. When we say ‘Ma’ in Japanese, it may be slightly different from Western view of ‘space.’ ‘Ma’ is a space between strokes where connection and flow in the emptiness are felt. Or, it could be a comfortable distance between the art piece and the viewer as it creates a pause for breath in its intensity. In any kind of relationship—animate and inanimate beings— ‘Ma’ or the comfortable space in-between, won’t push you too much, so you can hold yourself.

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