Rhythm in Balance: Five Contemporary Printmakers

Niza Knoll Gallery

February 21 – March 29, 2020

  • Opening Reception: Friday, February 21, 5:30-8:30 pm 
  • Closing Reception: Sunday, March 29, 11am–3 pm during the Art of Brunch Art Walk in the Art District on Santa Fe
Joe HigginsJoe Higgins

The Month of Printmaking (Mo’ Print) is a biennial celebration of the art of making original, fine-art prints. While the focus of events is during March 2020—the official month of celebration—some exhibits are beginning earlier. One such exhibit is Rhythm in Balance curated by artist Patricia Branstead and featuring five contemporary printmakers, including Patricia, Judith Bennett, Austin Buckingham, Joe Higgins, and Charles Wooldridge. 

Patricia Branstead is an artist and master printer. She lived and worked as a printer in NYC, Steamboat Springs and now resides in Denver. Patricia’s work is inspired by the history and nature of form and her observations of the patterns and flow in the natural environment. She is also inspired by the architecture, art, calligraphy and physical forms created throughout history to express the human relationship with spirit and soul.

Judith Bennett is drawn to the shapes, spaces shadows and reflections found in nature and her environment. Her surfaces are energetic and complex, with organic and geometric forms combining with line, color, layering and texture to bring richness to her compositions. She often incorporates varied mark-making techniques and chine colle’ to further define the work. California artist Austin Buckingham studied printmaking at the Art Students League here in Denver. As a former environmental scientist, themes and elements such as earth, rock, wind & water inspire her print works that also follow a modern aesthetic. She likes to invoke a sense of flow & movement through use of line and has been exploring with drawn elements using charcoal and brushwork at the final stage of printmaking.

Joe Higgins’ monotypes deal with the vexations of making connections of the spirit. His images are representational, but also conceptual and symbolic. He uses distressed landscapes as a metaphor for the uncertainties of life, or interiors to express ineffable messages of the heart. His more recent imagery includes nests as symbols of both comfort and protection; as well as threat. He teaches classes in monotype at the Art Students League of Denver.

For Charles Wooldridge, the ”intent” of printmaking has always been of little importance, yet somehow becomes an end or a vehicle of recording the unpredictable outcomes of his creativity. The impression of that which is worn, etched, carved into the fabric of our lives is richly seen in so many extensions of all we interact with producing a cryptic recording of aesthetic code.

The Month of Printmaking serves to promote exhibits, workshops, demonstrations, and events that inspire, educate and promote awareness of this art form throughout the Denver area and Colorado. A full listing and calendar of exhibitions, workshops, and events can be found at www.moprint.org

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